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All plates are passenger unless otherwise indicated. The plates are listed by issuing authority (state, province, country).  US/Canadian plates have the year of issue as a two digit prefix followed the condition code (see below) which is followed

by a number in brackets, this is the price of the plate in US dollars.  Thus New Mexico 83vvg(3.50) is a 1983 New Mexico passenger plate in vvg condition priced at $3.50 and Nevada 87 truck ex(4) is a 1987 Nevada truck plate in ex condition

priced at $4.00.  POSTAGE & HANDLING:  U.S. & Canada - $6.00 for the first 1-4 plates, 50c each additional.  Foreign Air Mail - $10.00 for the first 1-2 plates, $2.00 each additional.


m - mint:  an unissued plate, no visible marks of usage;

ex - excellent:  no faults except a bit of wear around bolt holes and corners, no rust or discoloration, no sticker damage; 

vvg -  very, very good:  normally the best condition plate available, may have minor scratches and discoloration, slight amount of rust around bolt holes, no sticker damage except for states with stickers prone to sticker damage such

as Connecticut, Colorado, Iowa which may have minor sticker damage;

vg - very good:  a displayable plate, moderate scratching, may have slight rust or discoloration, minor to moderate sticker damage, an acceptable plate to most collectors;

gvg - good to very good:  may have some rust or discoloration but still a displayable plate;

g - good:  a sound plate but has flaws of some sort, discoloration, light rust, fading, major scratches, may have dents and small but inconspicuous extra holes, stickers may be badly damaged but most paint is intact;  

fg - fair to good:  a legible plate but with moderate to severe rust or fading, paint may no  longer be evident:

f - fair:  a sub-standard plate, probably illegible, severe fading or discoloration, may have damaged corners, torn bolt holes, generally rusty but still a sound base, large nail holes, scratches and dents not easily repaired;

p - poor:  a space filler, heavy general rust, large holes or missing portions of the plate. 

xh - extra hole(s):  Plate has extra holes for mounting.  Extra holes are to be expected on plates from Australia and most foreign countries.

rp - repainted:  plate has been repainted.


ALABAMA - 69 farm truck vg(3.50), 69 for hire vehicle vg(3.50), 69 for hire limited vehicle vg(3.50), 69 rental trailer vg(3.50), 77m(4), 77 truck (P2) vg(3), 77 utility trailer vg(3), 78 truck vg(3),  81vg(4), 86 hire truck vvg(3.50), Two Hearts graphic 89vvg(4), 90vvg(4), 90vg(3.50), 90 trailer vvg(4), 91vvg(4), 91vg(3.50), 92vvg(4),  92vg(3.50), 92 National Guard vvg(8), 93 National Guard vvg(8), 94 temporary vg(2.50), 94 National Guard vvg(8), Small Heart graphic  93vvg(4), 94vvg(4), 94vg(3.50), 95vvg(4), 95vg(3.50), 95 National Guard vvg(8), 95 trailer "X" series vvg(4), 96vvg(4), 96vg(3.50), 96 National Guard  vvg(8), 97vvg(4), 97 trailer vvg(4), pink and blue graphic  98vvg(4.50),  98 trailer vvg(4.50), 99vvg(4.50), 99vg(4), 99 utility trailer vvg(4.50),  01vvg(4.50),  01vg(4), Stars Fell On Alabama graphic 02vvg(4.50), 02vg(4), 03vvg(4.50),  undated disabled veteran g(8), 2001 WWII veteran (European African Middle Eastern Campaign) vvg(15),  2001 Persian Gulf veteran vvg(15), Helping Schools 95vg(18),  University of Alabama  mint base m(25), 94vvg "FRSTY" (25), 97vg "ALS 14" (22),  Auburn University undated base m(16),  Birmingham Southern  College graphic 98vvg(28), Olympic Spirit 99vvg(30).

ALASKA - 68 commercial bus vvg(15),  73 prototype m(9), 75m(12),  Last Frontier graphic 85vvg(12), 87vvg(12),  88vvg(12), 98vvg(10), 2000vg(9), 02vvg(10), 02vg(9),  03vg(9), undated base m(5)  Caribou graphic (vanities) 2003gvg "AIAS" (22), Gold Rush Centennial graphic 02vvg(10),   03vvg(10), 04vvg(10),  04vg(9), 05vvg(10), undated base vvg(6),   Army veteran with crest m(14), Navy veteran with crest m(14), Marine Corps veteran with crest m(14), Coast Guard veteran with crest m(14), National Guard with crest m(14),   2000 Republican National Convention delegate (Gold Rush  base) m(60), new fully embossed Last Frontier graphic and small stars 05vvg(8), 06vvg(8) , 07vvg(8),  new fully embossed Last Frontier graphic and large stars 06vvg(12), 07vvg(12), University of Alaska - Anchorage with Alaska crest (gold on blue) m(30), non-graphic plates 97 truck vg(6), undated government m(15),  undated disabled vet with wheelchair m(10), undated vet without wheelchair m(10).

ARIZONA -  73gvg(4.50), 73g(4),  Cactus   98vg(3.50), 99vg(3.50), 2000vvg(4), 00 truck gvg(3), 2002vvg(4), 2002vg(3.50),  02 truck vg(3.50), 03vvg(4), 04vvg(4), 04vg(3.50), 05vg(3.50), 06vg(4), undated base vg(3), undated 3VV series vg(3),  new Desert Scene graphic  98vvg(6), 98vg(5), 99vvg(6), 99vg(5), 2000vvg(6), 2000vg(5), 01vvg(6),  03vvg(6), 04vvg(6), 06vvg(6), 07vvg(6),  University of Arizona graphic 91vvg(12), 93vvg(12),  98vvg(12), 98vvg(12), 98vg(10), 99vvg(12),  02vvg(12), Protect Our Environment - redrawn gecko graphic 02vvg(15),  03vg(13).

ARKANSAS - 66 semi-trailer vg(7), 67vg(10), 70 semi-trailer vg(7), 71 semi-trailer vg(7), 72 semi-trailer vg(7), 93 farm vehicle m(3),  93 motor home dealer vvg(5), 95 truck/tractor trailer m(4), vg(3), 95 apportioned  truck m(4), 96 dealer m(3), 96 apportioned m(3), 96 natural resources truck m(3), 96 farm products m(4), 97 - 73001-87000 truck m(4), 2004 dealer vvg(4), 2004 new car dealer vvg(4), Natural State with red stripe 92vvg(4),  93vg(3.50),  94vvg(4), 94vg(3.50),  95vvg(4), 95 - 40001-55000 truck vg(3), 95 apportioned truck m(4), 96 dealer m(3), 96 motor home dealer m(4), 96 aspportioned m(3), 96 natural resources truck m(3),97vg(3.50),  96 farm products m(4), 97 used car dealer m(4), 97 - 73001-87000 truck m(4), 98vvg(4), 98vg(3.50), 98gvg(3), 98g(2.50),  2001vvg(4), undated "BT" series trailer vvg(4), undated state owed trailer vvg(3.50), undated for hire vvg(4), undated non for hire vvg(4), undated B S & O vvg(4), current  Natrual State (without stripe) 97vvg(4), 98ex(4.50), 98vvg(4), 99vvg(4), 2000vvg(4), 01vvg(4), 01vg(3.50), 02vvg(4), 03vvg(4), 04vvg(4),  University of Arkansas graphic (razorback pig) 99vvg(12), 02vvg(12), 03vvg(12), University of  Central Arkansas graphic (bear) 99vvg(18),

CALIFORNIA - sun graphic 82vvg(14), 85vvg(14), 86vvg(14), 87vvg(14), 88vvg(14), 89vvg(14), 90vvg(14), blue base 91vg(3), white base 94vvg(3), 95vvg(3), undated base vvg(1), script 95vvg(3), 96vvg(3), 96vg(2.50), 97vvg(3), 98vvg(3), 98vg(2.50), 99vvg(3), 01vvg(3), 02vvg(3), 02gvg(2),  Sesquicentennial - 150 Years  2000vvg(3.50), 01vvg(3.50), 01vg(3).

COLORADO - 50 commercial m(14), 59 truck vvg(5), 62vvg(4), 62vg(3.50), 63vvg(4), 63vg(3.50), 64vvg(4), 64vg(3.50), 65vvg(4), 65vg(3.50), 66vvg(4), 66vg(3.50), 67vvg(4), 67vg(3.50), 68vvg(4), 68vg(3.50), 68 farm vvg(4), 69vvg(4), 70vvg(3), 70vg(2.50),  74g(2.50), 74 recreational truck vvg(3), 75 recreational truck vvg(3),  76 truck vg(3), 81 temporary vg(2.50), 86vvg(3.50), 86 white on blue GTM vg(4), 86 truck vvg(3.50), 87 truck vg(3),  88 trailer vg - damaged bolt holes (2.50),  90vg(3), 90 recreational truck vg(3), 90 dealer m(4), 90 GTM vg(3), 91vvg(3), 91 dealer m(4), 93vvg(3), 94vvg(3), 95vvg(3), 96vvg(3), 97vvg(3), 97vg(2.50), 98vvg(3), 98 truck vvg(3), 98 truck vg(2.50), 99 truck vvg(3), 2000vvg(3), 2000 truck vvg(3),  undated base vvg(2), undated red on white "GVW" m(3), undated white on blue GTM vg(3), white mountain graphic 2001vvg(3.50), 02vvg(3.50), 02 truck vvg(3.50), 2002 government vvg(10), 03vvg(3.50), 03vg(3), non-graphic city government plates 99vvg(12), 2000vvg(12), undated vvg(10),  purple mountain graphic  2002 truck vvg(18), blue denim with red C graphic 00 truck vg(12).

CONNECTICUT - 62 commercial vvg(15), 72 commercial vg(13),  77g(10),  78 combination vvg(14), 79vvg(14), 80vvg(12), 80 combination vvg(12), 81 combination vvg(12), 83vvg(12), 88vvg(12), 89vvg(12), 92vvg(12), 95vvg(12), 96vvg(12), 96vg with bend(10), 97vvg(12), 98vvg(12), 99vvg(12), 2000vvg(12), 2001vvg(12), 2002vvg(12), blue fade graphic 2003vvg(15), 03vg(13), 04vvg(15), 04vg(13), 04 vanity “WZ-28” vvg(15), 06vvg(15).

DELAWARE - 79vvg(5), 79vg(4.50), 87vg(4.50), 90vvg(5), 91vvg(5),  93vvg(5), 94vvg(5), 95vvg(5), 96vvg(5), 96vg(4.50), 97vvg(5), 98vvg(5), 98vg(4.50), 99vvg(5), 99vg(4.50), 99g(4), 2000vvg(5),  01vvg(5), 02vvg(5),  "PC" (private/commercial) series 79vg(4.50),   97vvg(5), 99vvg(5),  "C or CL"(commercial) series   75gvg(4),  97vvg(5), 97vg(4.50), 98vvg(5),  98vg-2xh(4), 99vvg(5),   99vg(4.50).

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -  66gvg(16),  68vg(18), 72gvg(14), 74vg(16), 74gvg(14),  1973 Presidential Inauguration vvg(18), vg(15), 87 annual special permit vg(20), , A Capital City graphic 86vg(20), 86gvg(18).

FLORIDA - 64vg-1xh(10),  78vvg(5.50), orange map graphic 86vvg(4.50),  2nd orange map graphic 93vg(3), 94vvg(3.50), 95vvg(3.50), 97vvg(3.50), 98vvg(3.50), 98vg(3), 99vvg(3.50), 2000vvg(3.50),  new orange graphic 98vvg(4.50), 2000vvg(4.50), 2001vvg(4.50), 2001vg(4), 2002vvg(4.50), 2002vg(4), 03vvg(4.50), 03vg(4), 04vvg(5), 04vg(4.50) Challenger graphic 92vg(18),  Protect the Panther graphic (type 2) 04vvg(25), 05vvg(25),  Save the Manatee graphic 98vvg(25), 01vvg(25), 03vvg(25), 04vvg(25), 05vvg(25), State of the Arts  graphic 2000vvg(25), 03vvg(25), 04vvg(25), 05vvg(25), Sea Turtles graphic 04vvg(38),  Indian River Lagoon graphic 02vvg(35),  Florida State University 97vvg(18),  98vvg(18), University of Florida 97vvg(18), 97vg(16), 98vvg(18), University of Miami  97vg(16), 98vvg(18).

GEORGIA - 75vvg(6), 75vg(5.50), 77vvg(6), 77vg(4.50), 79vvg(5), 79vg(4.50), 80vvg(5), 80vg(4.50), 81vvg(5), 81vg(4.50), 82vg(4.50), silkscreened green GEORGIA  86vvg(3), 86 truck vvg(3), 87vvg(3), 87vg(2.50), 87g(2), 88vvg(3), 88vg(2.50), 89vvg(3), 6 digit peach 92vvg(3.50), 94vvg(3.50), 94vg(3), 95vg(3), 96vvg(3.50),  7 digit peach  92vg(3), 96vvg(3.50), current Georgia On My Mind graphic six digit 98vvg(4), 98vg(3.50), 99vvg(4),  99vg(3.50), 2001vvg(4), 2001vg(3.50),  03 truck vvg(4),  04vvg(4), 05vvg(4), 06vvg(4),  7 digit  05vvg(4), 06vvg(4),  www.Georgia,gov graphic  05vvg(4), 06vvg(4), Olympics graphic 93vvg(12), Give Wildlife a Chance 98vvg(12),

HAWAII  - warrior graphic 81m(10),  rainbow graphic  94vvg(7),  95vvg(7), 95vg(6), 96vvg(7), 97vvg(7), 97vg(6), 98ex(8),  98vvg(7), 98vg(6), 99vvg(7), 99vg(6), 2000vvg(7), 2000vg(6), 2004vvg(7), 2005vvg(7), Honolulu bicycle plates 73m(10), 74m(10), 75m(10).

IDAHO -  50 commercial vg(8), gvg(6), 50 truck gvg(6), g(4), 50 farm truck vg(10), 50 small trailer vvg(8), vg(6), gvg(4), g(3.50),  53 large trailer vvg(10), vg(8), gvg(6), 53 small trailer vvg(8), 55 small trailer vvg(7),  56fg(5), 56 small trailer vg(6), gvg(5), 57 truck vg(10), 57 small trailer vg(6), g(5), 58 truck gvg(4), g(3.50), 58 small trailer vvg(6), 59 truck vvg(8), vg(6), gvg(4), g(3.50), 60 truck vg(6), gvg(5), 60 small trailer vvg(6), vg(5), 61 small trailer vvg(6), vg(5), 65 small trailer vvg(6), vg(5), 67 truck gvg(3.50), 68vg(4), 68 house trailer vvg(6), 68 boat m(3), 69 boat m(2.50),  71vvg(4.50), 71vg(4), 71 truck vvg(4.50), 72vg(3.50), 72 truck  vvg(4.50), vg(4), 72 house trailer vvg(5), 72 boat m(2), 73vvg(4), 73vg(3.50), 73vg - 1xh(3), 75vg(3.50), 83vg(3), 85vg(3),  87 trailer vvg(5), green mountain graphic m base (4), m trailer base (4),  scenic graphic 90 dealer gvg(4), 93vg(3), 93gvg(2.50),  94vvg(3.50), 94vg(3), 95vvg(3.50), 95vg(3), 96vvg(3.50), 96vg(3), 96 truck vvg(3.50), 96 heavy trailer vvg(3.50), 97vvg(3.50), 97vg(3),  97 truck vvg(3.50), 98vvg(3.50), 98vg(3), 99vvg(3.50), 99vg(3), 2000vvg(3.50), 2000vg(3),  01vvg(3.50), 01vg(3), 02vvg(3.50), 03vvg(3.50),  06vvg(3.50), 06vg(3).

ILLINOIS - 18 pair rusted and pitted - no paint but sound bases (40),  21g(20), 38g(12), 39gvg(13), 41g - torn bolt hole (6), 42fg(7),   46gvg(10), 47gvg(10), 48gvg(8),  49 G series truck g(8),  52vg -torn bolt hole (7), 52gvg(7),  53vvg(10), 53vg(8), 53gvg(6), 54vg - torn bolt hole (6), 54gvg(6), 54 trailer vg-1xh(7),  55gvg(6), 56vvg(7), 56vg(6),  56g(4),  57vg(6), 57gvg(5),  58vg(6), 58vg - 4 extra holes (5), 58gvg(5), 58g - 2xh (one split) (4),  58 trailer gvg(5), 59vg(5), 59vg - 2xh (one split) (4),  59gvg(4),  60vvg(6), 61gvg(3.50), 61g - 2xh (one split) (3),  62g - 2xh (one split) (3), 64g - 2xh (one is split) (3), 65vg(4), 65gvg(3.50),  68vvg(5), 69vvg(5), 69vg(4), 70vvg(5), 70g(3), 70-71 truck vvg(3.50),  71vvg(5), 71vg(4), 71g(3),  72vvg(4), 72vg(3.50), 72g(3), 73g(2.50), 73 truck g(2), 74vvg(3.50), 74 truck vvg(3.50), 75vvg(3.50),  75vg(3), 75 truck vvg(3.50), 76 dealer vg(4), 76 trailer vvg(3.50), 77vg(3.50), 77 truck vvg(3.50), 78vg(3.50), 78gvg(3), 78 truck vvg(3.50), 79vg(3), 79g(2.50), 79 truck vvg(3.50), 80 ambulance vg(8), 81 Antique Vehicle vvg(8), 81vvg(3.50), 83vvg(3.50), 84vg(3), 84 truck gvg(3), 84/85 Antique Vehicle vvg(8), 85vvg(3.50), 85vg(3), 86vvg(3), 86/87 recreational vehicle vvg(4), 87vg(2.50), 87 C vvg(8), 88vvg(3), 88 dealer vvg(3.50), 88 transporter vvg(3.50),  88 apportioned truck vvg(3), 89vg(2.50), 89 farm trailer vvg(4), 89 apportioned truck vvg(3.50), 89 transporter vvg(3.50), 89 charitable organization vvg(3.50), 90 truck m(3.50), 90 truck tractor m(3), 91vvg(3), 91vg(2.50), 91 farm trailer vvg(4), 91 municipal bus vvg(4), 91 charitable organization  vvg(3.50), 91 trailer vvg(3), 91 low mileage truck vg(3), 91 trailer m(3.50), 92vg(2.50), 92 taxi vvg(3.50), 92 trailer vvg(3), 92 truck tractor m(3), 93vvg(3), 93 replacement vvg(3.50), 93vg truck (3),  93 tractor truck vvg(3), 93 tow truck vvg(4), 93 trailer m(3.50), 3 low-mileage tractor truck vvg(3), 93 low-mileage truck vvg(3), 93 trailer vvg(3), 50001 to 55000 pound truck vvg(3), 94vvg(3), 94 taxi vvg(4), 94 tow truck vvg(4), 94 tractor truck vvg(3), 94 trailer vvg(3), 95vvg(3), 95 farm vvg(3), 95 farm trailer vvg(3), 96vvg(3), 97vvg(3), 97vg(2.50), 98vvg(3), Lincoln graphic  03vvg(4.50), 03vg(4), 04vvg(4.50), undated base vvg(3),  Special Event graphic plates (these plates were valid for 1-3 months)  92 National Bicycle Month m(18), 94 National Bicycle Month m(18),  95 National Bicycle Month m(18), 96 National Bicycle Month m(18),  2001 National Bicycle Month m(18).

INDIANA  64 house car (oversized) vvg(12), 67 farm tractor vvg(5),  72/3m(2.50), 73 truck vvg(4), 74m(2.50), 74vvg(2.50), 75m(2.50), 75vg(2.50), 76vvg(3), 76vg(2.50), 76g(2), 78m(3.50),  78 Trail 22+ vvg(3),  80 Truck 66 vvg(3), 82 semi-trailer vvg(3.50), 82 special machinery vvg(3.50), 83 Semi Trailer vvg(3.50), 83 Bus vvg(3), 83 Trail 9 vvg(3), 83 Tractor 26 vvg(3), 83 Tractor 30 vvg(3),  83 Tractor 36 vvg(3), 83 Tractor 78 vvg(3), 84 truck 7 vvg(3), 85 special machinery vvg(3), 86g(2), 86 truck vvg(3), g(2), 86 special machinery vvg(3), Back Home Again   89vvg(3.50), 90vvg(3.50), 90vg(3), undated base m(3),  non-graphic plates  87 truck g(2), 87 farm truck vvg(3), 87 special machinery vvg(3), vg(2.50), 87 tractor vvg(3), 88 truck vvg(3), 88 farm truck vg(2.50), 88 special machinery vvg(3), 88 tractor vvg(3),  89 truick 09 vvg(3),  Hoosier  Hospitality  91vvg(3.50), 91vg(3), 92m(3.50),  92vvg(3.50), 92vg(3), 93vvg(3.50), 93vg(4),  Amber Waves of Grain  96vvg(4), 96 replacement vg(4), 97vvg(4), 97 handicapped vvg(4.50), g(3.50), 98vvg(4),  www.IN.gov  graphic (farm scene) 05vvg(8), 06vvg(8).

IOWA - 32g(9),  33fg(6), 33 truck fg(6),  35vg-rp(10), 55 commercial vg(8), 56 commercial gvg(6),  56 non-resident transit gvg(6), 56 trailer gvg(6), 58 commercial m(8), 60 commercial g(3),  61 truck m(5), 65vg(4.50), 66gvg(3.50), 67vvg(4), 67vg(3.50), 67g(3), 68vvg(4), 69vvg(4.50), 69g(3), 70vg(3.50), 71vvg(4), 71vg(3.50), 71g(3), 72m(3), 73vvg(4), 73 truck m(3), 73 trailer vg(3), 74vvg(3.50), 74vg(3), 75m(3), 75 truck vg(3),  77vvg(3.50), 77 truck m(2),  79m(3), 79vvg(3), 86m(3), 86vvg(3), 86vg(2.50), 89vg(2.50), 95vvg(3), Farm Scene graphic 97vvg(4.50), 98vvg(4.50), 99vvg(4.50), 99vg(4), 2000vvg(4.50), 2000vg(4), 2000 truck vg(4),  2001vvg(4.50), 2001vg(4), Flat Farm graphic 2001vvg(4), 2001vg(3.50),  02vvg(4), 03vg(4),  03vg(3.50), undated base vvg(2),  Sesquicentennial - type 1 - map at top) 97vvg(14), 97vg(12),  Sesquicentennial - type 2 (panorama with city and tree at bottom) 96vg(10), 97vvg(12), 97vg(10).

KANSAS -  31fg(9), 31f(8), 48g(10), 51g - notched at top (6), 51 truck gvg(8), 54 g(6), 55g(6),  59gvg(6), 61vg(5), 62vvg(6), 62 truck m(6), 63m(6), 63vg(4), 63 commercial trailer m(6), 64 truck m(5), 65vg(4.50),  66m(5), 66vg(4), 66 trailer(4), 67m(5), 68 trailer m(5), 69 truck m(5), 69 trailer m(5),  71m(4), 71vvg(3.50), 72m(4), 72 undated base (white on black) m(3), 72 non-hiway vehicle m(4), 72 trailer m(4), 73 undated base (orange on green) m(3), 74 undated base (white on red) m(3), 74 trailer m(4), 75 Wheat Centennial m(4),  75 no slogan m(4), 75 trailer m(4), 75 non-hiway vehicle m(4), 76 undated base (white on blue) m(3), 75vvg(3), 77vg(2.50),  cornflower base 84vvg(4), 85vvg(4), 86vvg(4), 86vg(3.50), 87vvg(4), 88vvg(4),  88vg(3.50), 88g(3),  dark blue wheat graphic 81vvg(12), 83vg(10), 88vg(10), white wheat base stylized letters  89vvg(4), 90vvg(4), 93vvg(4), 94vvg(4), 94vg(3.50), block  letters  91vvg(4), 92vvg(4), 93vvg(4), 94vvg(4), light blue wheat graphic 95vvg(4), 96vvg(4), 97vvg(4), 97vg(3.50), 98vvg(4), 99vvg(4), 99vg(3.50), 2000vvg(4), 01vvg(4),  State Capitol graphic  02vvg(4), 02vg(3.50), 02 truck vvg(4). Vg(3.50), 03vvg(4), 03vg(3.50), 03 truck vvg(4), 04vvg(5), Gold wheat vanity graphic undated fromt vg(9), Sunflower vanity graphic 05vvg(9), undated fromt vvg(6), National Guard graphic 2000vvg(15), non-graphic dealer plates 84vvg(3.50), 84vg(3), 84g(2.50), 85vvg(3.50), 85vg(3), 86vvg(3.50), 86vg(3), 88vvg(4), 88vg(3.50), 94vvg(3.50), 94vg(3), 95vvg(3.50), 95vg(3), 96vvg(3.50), 96vg(3).

KENTUCKY - 49g(14), 71vg(5), 72m(8), g(6), 73 commercial truck m(4), 73 truck trailer m(4), 75m(8), 81 judiciary m(14),  bluegrass graphic 91vvg(4.50), 92vvg(4.50), 92vg(4), 94vvg(4.50), 94vg(4), 95vvg(4.50), 95vg(4),  96vg(4), 96vg 6000 truck (4), 97vvg(4.50), 97vg(4), 97g(3.50), 98vvg(4.50), 98g(3.50), cloud and map graphic  98vvg(4.50), 99vvg(4.50), 99vg(4), 2000vvg(4.50), 2000vg(4), 01vvg(4.50), 01vvg - damaged rim (4),  02vvg(4.50),  03vvg(4.50), 03vg(4), Smiling Sun graphic 05vvg(9), Unbridled Spirit graphic 05vvg(7), 06vvg(6),  non-graphic plates  2000vvg 6000 pound commercial truck vvg(5), current 6000 pound commercial truck m(4),  current Department of Transportation (black on apricot) vvg(14),Nature's  Finest - Yellow Bird 98vvg(14), 99vvg(14), 99vg(12), Nature's Finest - Cardinal 98vvg(14), 99vvg(14), 00vvg(15), 02vvg(15), Nature's Finest - Lynx 01vvg(18), 02vvg(18), 03vvg(18), 4H - Farm graphic (with owl, barn and sun) 01vvg(18),  02vvg(18), 03vvg(18), Purple Heart Veteran graphic 99vvg(18), 01vg(16), 03vvg(18), Masonic Order (Grange) graphic 99vg(16), 00vvg(18), 01vvg(18), I Care About Kids graphic 01vvg(16), Western Kentucky University graphic undated vvg(15).

LOUISIANA -  lipstick w/o frame line 97vvg(8), 97vg(7),  lipstick graphic with frame line  97vvg(7),  98vvg(7),  98vg(6), 99vvg(7),  2000vvg(7), 2000vg(6),  2001vvg(7), 2001vg(6), 2001 truck vvg(8),03vvg(7), 05vg(6), 06vvg(7), 07vvg(8), 08vvg(8), Louisiana Purchase graphic 2004vvg(15), Pelican graphic 2007vvg(18), 08vvg(18), 09vvg(18).

MAINE - 20f(10), 24fg(12),  25fg(12), 27fg(12),  28fg(12),  30vg(20), 31fg(12), 32fg(12), 33fg(12), 35fg(12), 36fg(12), 38fg(12), 39fg(12), 40fg(12), 41fg(12), 42fg(12), 46fg(12), 61 trailer vg(15), 62g(11), 62fg(8), 62 commercial vg(14), 65 trailer vg(14), 73g(3.50),  78 trailer vg(4), 81vg(3.50), 86vg(3.50),  88vg(3), 90 trailer vg(4),  Lobster graphic 91vvg(5.50), 92vvg(5.50), 93vvg(5.50), 94vvg(5.50), 94vg(5), 94 motor home vvg(6), 95vvg(5.50),  95gvg(4.50), 96vvg(5.50), 97vvg(5.50), 98vvg(5.50), 98 motor home vg(5.50), 99vvg(5.50),  99g(4), 2000vvg(5.50), 00gvg(4.50),  Loon graphic 98vvg(14), 99vg(12), 2000vvg(14), 2001vvg(14), 2001vg(12),  Chickadee graphic 2000vvg(5), 2000 commercial vvg(5), 01vvg(5),  01vg(4.50), 02vg(4.50), 03vvg(5), 04vvg(5), 04vg(4.50), 04g(3.50), 05vvg(5), non-graphic plates  92 trailer  vg(3.50), 94 trailer vvg(4), vg(3.50), g(3).

MARYLAND -   59gvg(8), 63vg(8), 65vg(6), 65gvg(5), 65g(4.50),  66vg(6),  71vg(5), 72vg(5), 73vg(5), 74vg(5), 80 BiCentennial graphic vg(25), 82vvg(3.50),  82vg(3), 83vvg(3.50),   86vvg(3.50), 86vg(3), 87vvg(3.50), 87vg(3),  crest graphic 89vvg(5.50), 89vg(5), 89g(4), 91vg(5),  98vvg(5.50), 98vg(5),  99vvg(5), 99vg(4.50), 2000vvg(5), 00vg(4.50), 2001vvg(5), 2001vg(4.50), 02vvg(6), 04vvg(6), 06 truck vvg(6), Treasure the Chesapeake graphic 91vg(20).

MASSACHUSETTS - 29fg(9),  30fg(9), 33fg(9),  39g(12), 53 interstate public utility g(9), 54 public utility public carrier vvg(15),  89 semi-trailer vg - bent (3),  Spirit of America 97vvg(9), 97vg(8), 98vvg(9), 98vg(8), 99vvg(9), 99vg(8), 2000vvg(9),  2001vvg(9),  01vg(8), 02vvg(9),  03vvg(9)., 04vvg(9), 06vvg(9).

MICHIGAN -  49 trailer vg(14), 50 trailer vg(14), 51 trailer gvg(12),  57g(6), 68 trailer m(4.50), 68 commercial truck m(4.50), 68 commercial trailer m(4.50), 69 trailer vg(4), 69 boat m(4), 70 boat m(4), 72 trailer vvg(4.50), 72 boat m(4), 73gvg(3.50),   76 BiCentennial vvg(6), vg(5.50), 76 BiCentennail truck vg(5.50),  77 BiCentennial vg(5.50), 78 BiCentennial truck vvg(6), 79vg(3), 81vg(3), 83vg(3), 85vg(3), 89vg(3.50), 90vvg(4), 91vvg(4), 94vvg(4), 94vg(3.50), 95vvg(4), 95 truck vg(3), 98vvg(4),   2000 truck vg(3.50), 01vvg(4), 01vg(3.50),  01 truck vvg(4), 01 truck vg(3.50), 02vvg(4), 02vg(3.50), 02 truck vvg(4), 02 truck vg(3.50), 03vvg(4), 03vg(3.50), 03 truck vvg(4), Great Lakes Splendor graphic 2000vg(10),  02vvg(12),  World's Motor Capital graphic 2000vg(15), 01vg(15), 02vg(14).

MINNESOTA - 66vg(6), 67g(3.50), 70 truck vg(4.50), 71vvg(5), 73 truck vvg(5), 74m(3), 78vvg(5), 78vg(4.50), 79vvg(5), 79vg(4.50), 80vvg(5), 80vg(4.50), 81vvg(5), 81vg(4.50), 82 trailer vg(4), 83vvg(5), 83vg(4.50), lake graphic  80vvg(4.50), 80vg(4), 80gvg(3.50), 81vvg(4.50), 81vg(4), 82vg(4), 82gvg(3.50), 83vvg(4.50), 85vvg(4.50), undated base m(2),  Explore lake graphic  94vg(3), 98vvg(3.50), 98vg(3), 99vvg(3.50), 2001vvg(3.50), 2001vg(3),  02vvg(3.50), 02vg(3), 03vvg(3.50), 03vg(3). non-graphic plates: 83 "B" utility trailer vvg(3), undated blue on white "A" utility trailer vvg(2), undated blue on white recreational vehicle m(2), non-graphic dealer plates  74 new vehicle in transit vvg(4), 76vvg(3.50),  77 new vehicle in transit vvg(4), 78vvg(3.50),  79vvg(3.50), 80vvg(3.50),  81 vehicle in transit vvg(4), 82vvg(3.50), 83vvg(3.50), 84vvg(3.50),  85 vehicle in transit vvg(4),  86 dealer in transit vvg(4), 86 drive away in transit vvg(4),  87vvg(3.50), 88vvg(3.50), 89vvg(3.50)., undated new vehicle in transit vvg(4).

MISSISSIPPI - 68g(5), 74vvg(5), 75vvg(5), 76vvg(5), Hospitality State (Magnollia) graphic 77vvg(6), 78vvg(5.50), 78vg(5), 80vvg(7), red scroll MISSISSIPPI graphic 85vg(5),  89vvg(5.50), 89vg(5), 90vvg(5), 90vg(4.50), 90 pickup vvg(5), vg(4.50), 91vvg(5), 91vg(4.50), 91 pickup vvg(5), vg(4.50), 92vvg(5), 92vg(4.50), 93vvg(5), 93vg(4.50), 93 pickup vvg(5),  undated base m(4.50), undated truck base m(4.50),   blue scroll MISSISSIPPI graphic 93vvg(4.50), 94vvg(4.50), 94vg(4), 95vvg(4.50), 95vg(4), 95gvg(3.50), 95 pickup vvg(4.50), 96vvg(4.50), 96vg(4), 96 pickup vvg(4.50), 97vvg(4.50), 97vg(4), 97 pickup vvg(4.50), 98vvg(4.50), 98vg(4),   green scroll MISSISSIPPI graphic with Magnolia  99vvg(4.50),  Magnolia graphic with forest and water 03vvg(4.50),  05vvg(4.50),  GREEN SCROLL GRAPHICS:  Conserving Wildlife (hummingbird) 02vvg(25), 03vvg(18), Conserving Wildlife (deer) 02vvg(25), 03vvg(18), Conserving Wildlife (turkey - type 2 side view) 03vvg(25),  Conserving Wildlife (butterfly) 02vvg(30),  Conserving Wildlife (mallard duck) 02vvg(25), 03vvg(18),  Conserving Wildlife (bass) 02vvg(25), 03vvg(18),  Armed Forces veteran 02vvg(12), US Air Force retired 02vvg(12), US Army retired 02vvg(12), US Navy retired 02vvg(12), Purple heart graphic undated vvg(12), Alcorn State University 02vvg(18), 03vvg(18), Delta State University 02vvg(18), 03vvg(18),  Jackson State University 02vvg(18),  03vvg(18),   Mississippi State University 02vvg(18),   University of Mississippi  2000vvg(18),  University of Southern Mississippi  02vvg(18), 03vvg(18).

MISSOURI - 19g - split upper bolt holes (28), 21g(20),  27fg(12), 45vg(18), 47gvg(15), 71 truck vg(3.50), 71 trailer vg(4), 72vvg(4), 72 trailer vvg(4), 73vvg(4), 73vg(3.50), 73g(3.00), 73 beyond local truck vvg(4), vg(3.50), 73 trailer vvg(4), 74vvg(4),  74vg(3.50), 74 beyond local truck vvg(4), 75vvg(4), 75vg(3.50), 75 beyond local truck vvg(4),  76vvg(4.50), 76gvg(3.50), 76 beyond local truck vvg(4), vg(3.50),  77 BiCentennial vvg(5), vg(4.50),  77 beyond local truck vvg(4), 78vvg(4), 78 beyond local truck vg(3.50),  gvg(3), 79vvg(4), 79vg(3.50), 79g(3), 79 beyond local truck vg(3),  80vvg(5), 81vvg(4), 82vvg(4),  83vvg(4), 83vg(3.50), 84vvg(4), 84vg(3.50), 85vvg(4), 86vvg(4),  86vg(3.50), 86 trailer vvg(3.50),  87vvg(4), 88vvg(4), 88vg(3.50), 89vvg(4), 89 beyond local truck vg (3), 90vvg(3.50), 90vg(3), 91vvg(3.50), 91vg(3), 91 beyond local truck vg(3), 91 vanity "1561" g(3), 92vvg(3.50), 92vg(3), 92 beyond local truck vvg(3.50), vg(3),  93vvg(3.50), 93 beyond local truck vg(3), gvg(2.50), 93 trailer vvg(4), 94vvg(.503) 95vvg(3.50), 95vg(3), 95 recreational vehicle vvg(4), 96vvg(3.50), 96 beyond local truck vvg(3.50), 96 trailer vvg(3.50), 97vvg(3.50), 97vg(3), 97 beyond local truck vvg(3.50), vg(3),  Show Me State graphic 98vvg(4.50), 98vg(4),  01vvg(4.50), 01vg(4), 02vvg(4.50), 02vg(4), 03vvg(4.50), 03vg(4), 04 recreational vehicle vg(4.50).

MONTANA -  1955fg(8), BiCentennial  81 trailer vvg(5), 88vg(2.50), 88 truck vvg(3), 89vvg(3), 89vg(2.50), 89 truck vvg(3), 90vvg(3), 90vg(2.50), 90 truck vvg(3),  91vvg(3),   91 truck vvg(3),  vg(2.50),  92vg(2.50), Centennial  91gvg(7), 93gvg(7), Big Sky graphic 92vvg(3), 93vvg(3), 93vg(2.50), 94vvg(3), 95vvg(3), 95 truck vvg(3), 96vvg(3), 96vg(2.50), 96 truck vvg(3), 96 truck vg(2.50), 96 trailer vvg(3.50), 97vvg(3), 97vg(2.50), 97 truck vvg(3), 97 truck vg(2.50), 98vvg(3), 98vg(2.50), 98 truck vvg(3), 98 truck vg(2.50), 99vvg(3), 2000vg(2.50), army veteran 2000vvg(12), navy veteran 2000vvg(12), marine veteran 01vvg(12), 03vvg(12), coast guard veteran undated vvg(12), 2000 disabled veteran vvg(12), Montana 2000 embossed graphic 00vvg(4.50), 01vvg(4), 03vvg(4), 04vvg(4), 04vg(3.50), air force veteran 06vvg(12), army veteran 01vvg(12), 05vvg(12), navy veteran 06vvg(12), air force reserve undated vvg(10), Montana 2004 flat graphic 04vvg(4), 05vvg(4.50),  new Big Sky flat graphic 07vvg(5), undated base vvg(3), non-graphic plate 95 used car dealer vvg(3.50), 95 new car dealer vvg(3.50),  Montana State University graphic (Go Cats) 94vvg(15), 97vvg(15), 99vvg(15), 2000vvg(15), 01vvg(15), University of Montana graphic (building) 94vvg(15), 96vg(13),  97vg(13), 98vg(13), University of Montana graphic (grizzly bear) 02vvg(15), 03vvg(15), 04vvg(15), University of Montana Missoula 1893 graphic (steeple) 2000vvg(15), 01vvg(15), 01vg(12),  undated base vvg(35),  Glacier National Park graphic 03vvg(30), 04vvg(30),  undated base vvg(25), Lewis  and Clark Bicentennial graphic 03vvg(45), undated base vvg(35),  Open Land graphic 04vvg(35), 05vvg(35), 05vg(35), undated base vvg(30).

NEBRASKA - 35gvg(12), 39gvg(13), 40fg(12),  46g(8), 48vg(10), 48gvg(9), 50vg(10), 50gvg(8),  55fg(4),  65vvg(5),  68vg(3), 68 commercial truck m(3.50), 68  3 ton commercial truck vg(3),  70vg(3), 75vg(3), 75 farm truck (damaged sticker) vg(3), 75 commercial truck vg(3), 76vg(3.50), 76 commercial truck m(4), 83vg(3.50), 84vg(3), 84g(2.50), 84 commercial truck vg(3), 84 farm truck g(2.50), 85vvg(3), 87vvg(3), 87 commercial truck vg(3), sun graphic 88vg(3.50), 89vvg(4), 89vg(3.50), 90vvg(4), 90vg(3.50), windmill graphic 91vvg(4), 91vg(3.50), 93vvg(4), 93vg(3.50),  Chimney Rock  94vvg(4), 95vvg(4), 96vvg(4), 96vg(3.50), embossed Crane graphic ABC-123 series : 05vg(6), embossed crane 12-A123 series:  04vg - damaged sticker (3.50), 05vvg(4), 05vg(3.50), flat Crane graphic 12-A123 series: 05vvg(4), 05vg(3.50), non-graphic  90 farm truck vvg(3.50), 90 commercial truck vvg(3.50), fg(1), 92 commercial truck vg(3), 91 commercial truck vvg(3.50), 93 commercial truck vg(3),  93 trailer vg(3),  93 30 day vvg(3.50), 94 commercial truck vg(3), University of Nebraska state map and coliseum graphic vvg(12).

NEVADA - 89 semi-trailer PUC gvg(8),  desert scene graphic 2001vvg(6), 01vg(5.50), mountain graphic 02vvg(6), 04vvg(6), 05vvg(6), 05vg(5.50),  06vvg(6), undated base vvg(3.50).

NEW HAMPSHIRE - 1935g(8), 41-42g(8), 44g(8), 67 trailer vvg(5), 69vvg(5), 69 commercial vvg(5), vg(4.50), 70vvg(4.50), 70 trailer vvg(5), 70 agricultural vehicle gvg - bent (4), 71vvg(4.50), 71vg(4), 71 commercial vvg(5), 74vvg(4.50),  74vg(4),  75vvg(4.50), 77vg(4),  79vg(4), 79 trailer vvg(5), 85vvg(4.50), 85vg(4), 88vvg(4.50), undated contract carrier vg(4),  Old Man  graphic 92vvg(5.50), 93vvg(5.50),  94vvg(5.50),  95vvg(5.50), 97vvg(5.50), 99vvg(5.50), New Old Man graphic 123456 series with Old Man in center of plate 2001vvg(6), 07vvg(6), 08vvg(6).

NEW JERSEY - 28fg(12), 30g(14), 31fg(12), 32gvg(16),  34gvg(16), 35gvg(16), 35fg(10), 36gvg(16),   37gvg(16),  37fg(10),  41g(10), 48g(8), 48fg(6), 49gvg(9), 49g(8), 50g(10),  beige base N.J. 123 ABC series vg(4.50), 69 commercial vg(8), beige base New Jersey 123 ABC series vvg(3.50), vg(3), 76 trailer vvg(10), 89 trailer vg(8),  blue base 123 ABC series vvg(3.50), vg(3), ABC 12D series vvg(3.50),  76 trailer vvg(10), 89 trailer vg(8),  new black on straw graphic  ABC1234 series g(4), AB 123D series vvg(4.50), vg(4), 01vvg(4.50), 01vg(4), 02vvg(4.50), 02vg(4),   Shore to Please graphic 05vvg(24),  Conquer Cancer graphic 02vvg(24),  Animal Friendly graphic undated vvg(24).

NEW MEXICO - red & green graphic 93vvg(4), 93 trailer vvg(5) 94vvg(4), 95vvg(4), 95vg(3.50), 96vvg(4), 96vg(3.50), 96 recreational vehicle vvg(4.50), 97vvg(4.50), 97 trailer vvg(4), 98vvg(4.50), 99vvg(4.50),  2000vvg(4.50), 2000vg(4), 2000 recreational vehicle vg(4),  balloon graphic 2000vvg(5), 2000vg(4.50), 01vvg(5), 01vg(4.50), 02vvg(5), 02vg(4.50),   03vvg(5),  05vvg(5), undated red on blue county government (non-graphic) vg(8).

NEW YORK - 20 notched f-nrp(5), 21g-closed split (8), 21 f-nrp(6),  22 notched f-nrp(4), 25g-2xh (12), 25fg(7),   42g(8), 48gvg-bent (12),  51g(6), 53g(8), 58gvg(6), 58 commercial g (6), 60vg(12), 60g(5), 60 commercial g(5), 72vg(8),  73 blue on orange series vvg(8), vg(7), gvg(6),  official vvg(18), vanity "LEE RN" vvg(14), vanity "LEE BSN" vvg(14),  commercial vvg(9), vg(8), 81 trailer vg (8),  Liberty base vvg(12),  vg(10),   new Empire State graphic vvg(12), vg(11).

NORTH CAROLINA - 71vg(5),  79 temporary vvg(4),  Kitty Hawk graphic 87vg(4), 87 rental vg(3.50), 88vvg(4.50), 88vg(34), 89vvg(4.50), 89vg(4), 90vvg(4), 90vg(3.50),  91vvg(4), 91 dealer vg(3.50), 93vvg(4), 93vg(3.50), 94vvg(4), 96vvg(4), 96 rental vg(3.50), 97vvg(4), 97 rental vg(3.50), 99vvg(4), 99vg(3.50), 2000vvg(4), 00vg(3.50), 01vvg(4), 01vg(3.50), 01gvg(3), 02vvg(4),  03vvg(4), 05vvg(4), 06vvg(4), 06vg(3.50), 07vvg(4.50),  non-graphic plates - 88  dealer vvg(3), 89 dealer vvg(3), 89 dealer vg(2.50), 90 dealer vvg(3), 90 dealer vg(2.50), 90 commercial vvg(3), 91 commercial vvg(3), 91 dealer vvg(3), 91 dealer vg(2.50), 92 dealer vvg(3), 92 dealer vg(2.50), 93 dealer vvg(3), 94 dealer  vvg(3), 94 dealer vg(2.50), 94 commercial vvg(3), 95 commercial vvg(3), 96 commercial vvg(3).

NORTH DAKOTA - 48vg(16),  58g - bottom corners clipped (4), 69vg(12), 78vvg(8), Centennial graphic 89vvg(5), 89vg(4.50), 90vvg(5), 90vg(4.50), 91vvg(5), 91vg(4.50), 92vvg(5), 92vg(4.50),  93vvg(5), 93vg(4.50), Discover the Spirit graphic 94vvg(5.50), 95vvg(5.50), 95vg(5), 96vvg(5.50), 96vg(5), 97vvg(5.50), 98vvg(5.50), 98vg(5), 99vvg(5.50),  2001vvg(5.50),  02vvg(5.50), 02vg(5),  03vg(5.50), 05vvg(5.50), 05vg(5), 06vvg(5.50).

OHIO - 58gvg(12), 60vg(5), 60gvg(4.50), 60g(4), 60 trailer vg(4), 61vvg(5.50), 61vg(5), 61g(4), 62vvg - 1xh(4), 62vg(4.50), 62g(3),  63vg(4.50), 63g(4), 64vvg(5), 64vg(4.50), 64g(4), 64 trailer vvg(5), 65vg(4.50), 65g(4), 65 vanity "FMF" vvg(6), 65 vanity "MAF" vvg(6), 66vg(5), 66 trailer gvg(4),  67vg(4.50), 68vvg(5), 68vg(4.50), 68 trailer vg(4), 69vg(4.50), 69g(3.50), 69 truck vg(3), 70vg(3), 70g(2.50), 70 truck vvg(3.50), 70 trailer vvg(3.50), 70 house vehicle vg(3), 71vg(3), 72vg(3), 72g(2.50), 73 trailer vg(3), 74vg(3), 75vvg(3.50), 78vvg(3.50), 78 temporary in mounting jacket vg(3.50), 80vvg(3), 80vg(2.50), 85vvg(3), 85vg(2.50), 85 vanity vvg(3.50),  Heart Of It All  92vg(2.50), 94vg(2.50), 02vg(2.50), redrawn Heart Of It All  98vvg(3.50), 99vvg(3.50), 99vg(3), 2002vg(3),  03vvg(3.50), 03vg(3),  Birthplace of Aviation 99vvg(3.50), 99vg(3), 2000vvg(3.50), 2000vg(3), 02vvg(3.50), 02vg(3),  BiCentennial graphic 02vvg(6), 03vvg(6), 03vg(5), 04vvg(6),  05vvg(6),  undated base vg(3),  Sun graphic 05vvg(4.50), 06vvg(4.50), 07vvg(4.50), 08vvg(5).

OKLAHOMA - 64gvg(7), 65vg(8), 66vg(7), 66gvg(6), 67vg(7), 69vg(6), 69gvg(5), 70vvg(6), 70vg(5), 70gvg(4), 71vvg(6), 71vg(5), 71gvg(4), 72vvg(6), 72vg(5), 73gvg(5), 75vg(5), 75gvg(4), 76 BiCentennial vvg(15), 78vvg(6), 78vg(5), Sun graphic 93vg(4.50), 94vvg(5), 94vg(4.50), 95gvg(4), 96vg(4.50), 96g(3.50), Indian shield graphic  90vvg(4.50), 91vvg(4.50), 92vvg(4.50), 92vg(4),  93vvg(4.50), 93vg(4), 94vvg(4.50), 94vg(4), 95vvg(4.50), 95vg(4), 96vvg(4.50), 96vg(4), 97gvg(3.50), 98vvg(4.50), 99vvg(4.50),  Native America graphic 96vvg(4.50), 96vg(4), 97vvg(4.50), 97vg(4), 98vvg(4.50), 98vg(4),  2000vvg(4.50),  01vvg(4.50), 02vvg(4.500), 03vvg(4.50).

OREGON - 39g(12), 42vg(20), 42g-2xh(10),  46gvg(12), 47vg(15),   49 truck gvg(12), 53 truck vg(14), 53 truck vg - 2xh (12), orange base 78vvg(4), 78vg(3.50), 80vvg(4), 82vvg(4),  87vvg(3.50), 87gvg(3), 89vg(3.50), 89 motor home vg(4),  90vvg(4), 94vg(3.50), redrawn fir tree (blue sky) 92vvg(3.50), 92vg(3), 93vvg(3.50), 93vg(3.50), 94vvg(3.50), 94vg(3), 94gvg(2.50), 95vvg(3.50), 95vg(3), 96vvg(3.50),  97vvg(3.50), 97vg(3), 99vg(3), 2000vvg(3.50), 2000vg(3), 2001vvg(3.50), 2001vg(3), 2001g(2.50), 2002vvg(3.50), 2002vg(3), 2003vvg(4),  03vg(3.50),  04vvg(4), Oregon Trail graphic 2000vg(9), 2001vg(9), 2001g(8).

PENNSYLVANIA - 28vg-rp(12),  34gvg(12),  36gcg split (9),  39gvg(15),  54g(6),  68gvg(4), 77 trailer vg(4.50), 77 commercial vg(5), BiCentennial  State 72vvg(6), 73vvg(6), 73g(4.50), 74vvg(6),  75vvg(6), 75vg(5.50), 75gvg(5), 76vvg(6), 76vg(5.50),  You've Got a Friend 86vg(5.50), 87vg(5.50), 88vvg(6), 89vvg(6), 90vg(5.50), 94vg(5.50), 96vg(5.50), 98vg(5.50), 98gvg(5), 99vg(5.50),  2000vvg(6), 2000vg(5.50), 01vg(5.50), 01gvg(5), Yellow Keystone State 78vvg(5),  81vvg(5), 81vg(4.50), 82vg(4.50),  83vg(4.50), 84vvg(5), 84vg(4.50), 87vvg(5), 87vg(4.50), 88vg(4.50), 01 school bus vvg(7), undated vvg(4), Blue Keystone State (ABC 123) 87vg(4.50), 89vvg(5), 90vvg(5), 90vg(4.50), 90 truck vg(4.50), 94vvg(5), 98vg(4.50), 2000vvg(5), 2000vg(4.50),  2000vg(4.50), 01vvg(5), 01gvg(4), 02vg(4.50),  Blue Keystone state (ABC 1234) 94vvg(5), 96vvg(5), 96vg(4.50), 97 truck vvg(4.50), 99vvg(5), 99vg(4.50), 99 truck vvg(4.50), 2000vvg(5), 00vg(4.50), 00 truck vvg(4.50), 00 trailer vvg(4.50),  00 dealer vvg(5), 01vvg(5),  01vg(4.50), 01 truck vvg(4.50), 01 trailer vvg(4.50), 01 school bus vvg(7), 02vvg(5), 02 truck vvg(4.50),  undated base vvg(4), 2000 temporary (cardboard) vg(3), new WWW graphic 2001vvg(5), 02vvg(5), 02vg(4.50),  02 truck vvg(5),  03vvg(5),  03vg(4.50).  03 truck vvg(5), 03 trailer  vvg(6),  04vvg(5).

RHODE ISLAND - 24f - pair (35), 27gvg(30), 27g(25),  63 trailer g(10), 70gvg(10),  77vg(13), 78 commercial vg(13),  79vg(13), 79gvg(12),  82vvg(12), 84 vanity "CHICAD" vg(11), 85vvg(12), 85vvg - slightly damaged corner (11), 88 commercial vvg(12), 89vvg(12),  90 commercial vg(11),  91vg -split frame (9), 91 commercial vvg(12), 92 commercial vvg(12), vg(11),  93 dealer vg(11), 94 dealer vvg(12), 95vvg(12), 95 commercial vvg(12), 96vvg(12), 96 combination vvg(12), 98 commercial vvg(12), 99vvg(10), Wave graphic 99vg(12), 2000vg(12).

SOUTH CAROLINA - 59gvg(14),  61g(9),  63vg(16), 65vg(16), 66vg(16), 67vg(16), 72 four ton truck vg(3.50),  73m(8), 73vvg(6), 73vg(5), 73g(4), 73 dealer vg(8), 73 nine ton truck vvg(4), 74 truck vg(3), 77 truck  vg(3), 77 six ton truck vg(3),  78 truck vvg(3.50),  84 dealer vg(3), 85 dealer vg(3), 86m(4.50), 86vvg(4.50), 86 dealer vv(3), 86 dealer vg(2.50), 87 dealer vg(2.50), 88 dealer vg(3), 90vvg(4.50),  Wren graphic 91vvg(4.50),  Palmetto graphic 99vvg(8), 2000vvg(8), 01vvg(8), 01vg(7),  06vvg(8),  06vg(7), 07vvg(10).

SOUTH DAKOTA - 48gvg(15), 48 - stripped base nrp gvg(5),  59vg(22), 59gvg(15), 59vg - paint missing from tab (14),  BiCentennial graphic 80vg(4.50), 80gvg(4), 87 trailer (non-graphic) vvg(5), 88 trailer (non-graphic) vvg(5), Centennial graphic 89vvg(4), 90vvg(4), 90vg(3.50), 91vvg(4), 91vg(3.50), 91g(3),  Great Faces, Great Places 91vvg(4), 92ex(4.50), 92vvg(4), 92vg(3.50), 93vvg(4), 93vg(3.50),  94vg(3.50), 96vvg(4), 96vg(3.50), 96g(3), 99gvg(2.50), redrawn Great Faces, Great 97vvg(4.50), 97vg(4), 97 trailer (non-graphic) vvg(5), 98vg(4), 99vvg(4.50), 99vg(4),  2000vvg(4.50), 2000vg(4), undated base vvg(2), vg(1.50),  embossed red white and blue graphic  01vvg(4), 01vg(3.50), 02vvg(4). 02vg(3.50), 05vvg(4), 05vg(3.50), flat red white and blue graphic 05vvg(4), 06vvg(4), flat Mount Rushmore 07vvg(6).

TENNESSEE - 58m(18), 58vvg(16), 59vvg(16),  60vg(13),  61vvg(14), 61f(4), 61 farm truck "F1" series vvg(10), 66vg(4), 68vg(5), 72vvg(6), 73vvg(6), 76 blue back passenger vvg(12), 76 taxi vvg(12), 79 dealer vvg(3.50), 80 dealer  vg(3), vg-xh(2.50), 82 dealer vvg(3.50), 83vg(3.50), 83g(2.50),  87g(3), 88vg(3.50), 89 truck (P1-9000) vvg(3.50), 91vvg(4), 91vg(3.50), 91gvg(3),  92vg(3.50), 93vvg(4), 93 truck (J2-16000) vg(3), 94vvg(4), 94vg(3.50),  BiCenTENNial graphic 95vvg(4), 95 commercial vvg(4), vg(3.50), 96vvg(4), 96vg(3.50), 97 truck (P1-9000) vg(3), 98vvg(4.50), 99vvg(4.50),  1991 Judiciary vg(18),  undated Judiciary with flag vvg(22),  undated base with MUS -580 (reversed numbers/letters m(10), Sounds Good to Me graphic 2001vvg(5),  02vvg(5),  03vvg(5), 03vg(4.50), 05vvg(5), 06vvg(5).

TEXAS - 56 farm truck g(7), 60 farm truck g(7),  70 trailer vvg(8), undated 76 base g(3), 81gvg(3), 84vg(3.50), 85vvg(4), 85vg(3.50), 86vvg(4), 87vvg(4), 90vvg(4),  undated private bus  vvg(5), undated farm truck vvg(5), Sesquicentennial 87gvg(6), Big Red  93vvg(3.50),  current undated truck vvg(3.50), current undated token trailer vvg(5), undated private bus vvg(5), undated farm truck vvg(5),  Lone Star State - flag to left  current undated vvg(3.50), flag to right  undated vvg(3.50), 150 years - Shooting Star graphic vvg(9), vg(8), new Lone Star State graphic with space capsule, cowboy and oil derricks  undated vvg(6), undated truck vvg(6),  Vietnam veteran vvg(12), Texas plates are no longer dated, stickers go on windshield.

UTAH -  Ski Utah  89vvg(5), 90vvg(4.50), 90 truck vg(4), 91vvg(4.50), 91 truck vvg(4.50), vg(4), 92vvg(4.50), 92 truck vvg(4.50), 93vvg(4.50), 94vvg(4.50), 94vg(4), 95vvg(3.50),  95vg(3), 95 truck vvg(3.50),  96vvg(3.50), 96vg(3),  97vvg(3.50), 97vg(3), 97 truck vvg(3.50), 98vvg(3.50), 98vg(3), 99vvg(3.50), 99vg(3), 99 truck vvg(3.50), 2000vvg(3.50), 00vg(3), 00 truck vvg(3.50), 01vvg(3.50), 01vg(3), 01 truck vvg(3.50), 2002vvg(4), undated base vvg(2),   Centennial graphic (Arch) - with light UTAH  93vvg(15), 94vvg(15), 94vg(13), 95vvg(15), 95vg(13), 96vvg(15), 96vg(13), 98vg(13), 01vvg(15), Centennial graphic (Arch) - with dark UTAH  98vvg(4.50), 98vg(4), 98 government vehicle (EX series) vvg(15), 99vvg(4.50), 99vvg - 2xh(4),  99vg(4), 2000vvg(4.50), 2000vg(4), 01vvg(4.50), 01vg(4), 02vvg(4.50),  02vg(4),  04vvg(4.50), undated base vvg(3), undated government vehicle (EX series) vvg(10), Firefighter graphic 97vg-bent (15), undated base vg(14), Navy Veteran 05vvg(55), Marine Corps Veteran undated base vvg(40),   Elk graphic undated base vvg(20), Cutthroat Trout 01vvg(30), 03vvg(30), undated base vvg(20), Invest in Children  undated base vvg(20),  Olympics graphic  99vvg(10), 99vg(9), 99gvg(8),   01vvg(10),  01vg(9), 02vvg(10), undated base vvg(6), vg(5).

VERMONT -  33fg(8),  maple tree graphic 90vvg(12), 90vg(10),  95vvg(12), 95vg(10), 96vg(10),  97vvg(12), 97vg(10),  98vvg(12), 99vvg(12), 2000vvg(12), 00vg(10), 01vvg(12),  01vg(10),  01g(6), 02g(6), 03vvg(12),  03vg(10), 04vvg(12),  04vg(10),  04g(6), 04 truck vg(10), 05vvg(12), 05vg(10),  05g(6), 05 truck vvg(12), 05 truck vg(10), 06vvg(12),  06vg(10), 06g(6), 07vvg(13), 07vg(11), 07g(7), 08g(7).

VIRGINIA -  76vvg(4.50),  83vvg(3), 83vg(2.50), 86vvg(3), 90vvg(3), 90vg(2.50), 91vvg(3), 91vg(2.50), 92vvg(3), 93vvg(3.50), 94vvg(3.50), 94vg(3), 95vvg(3.50), 95vg(3), 96vvg(3.50), 96vg(3), 97vg(3.50),  6 digit Virginia without border 90vvg(4), 91vvg(4), 94vvg(4), 7 digit Virginia without border 92vvg(3.50), 94vvg(4), 95vvg(3.50), 95vg(3), 96vvg(3.50), 97vvg(3.50),  7 digit VIRGINIA without border  94vg(3), 95vvg(3.50), 95vg(3),  96vvg(3.50), 96vg(3), 97vvg(3.50), 97vg(3), 98vvg(3.50), 98vg(3), 99vvg(3.50), 2000vvg(3.50), 400th Anniversary graphic with blue VIRGINIA (used for a short period of time) 03vvg(15), 03vg(14),  06vvg(15), 06vg(14),  400th Anniversary graphic with red VIRGINIA 04vvg(5), 04vg(4.50), 05vvg(5),  05vg(4.50), 06vvg(5), 06vg(4.50),  Mountain graphic  96gvg(12), 98vvg(15),  98vg(13), non-graphic plates :  permanent apportioned vvg(4),  unused special issue graphic vanity plates:  mountain graphic vvg/m(15), animal friendly vvg/m(25), family and children’s trust fund vvg/m(25), kids  first vvg/m(25),  Wildlife Conservation (bald eagle vvg/m(25), James Madison University (bulldog) vvg/m(30), Eastern Mennonite University (rising sun) vvg/m(30).

WASHINGTON -  95 temporary vvg(2), 97 temporary vvg(2),  Centennial graphic 92vvg(3), 93vvg(3), 98vvg(3.50), Mountain graphic 95vvg(3), 95vg(2.50),  95gvg(5),  96vvg(3), 96vg(2.50), 96 truck vg(2.50), 97vvg(3), 97 truck vvg(3), 98vvg(3), 2000 truck vvg (3),  01 truck vvg(3),  Evergreen State graphic  2000vvg(3.50), 01vvg(3.50),  01vg(3), 01 truck  vvg(3.50), 01 truck vg(3), 02vvg(3.50), 02vvg(3), 03vvg(3.50),  03vg(3), 03 truck vvg (3.50),  06vvg(3.50),  07vvg(3.50), Central Washington University (Wildcat) graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Eastern Washington University (eagle) graphic 07vvg/m(60),  undated base vvg/m(45),  Gonzaga University (Bulldog) graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),   The Evergreen State University (fir tree) graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),   Western Washington State (Viking Ship) graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),   Orca (Killer Whale) graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), Bear  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Deer  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), Bald Eagle  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), Elk  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), National Parks  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), State Parks  (waterfall) graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), Bicycling  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Ski  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), Lighthouse  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Keep Kids  Safe  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45), We Love Our Pets  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Army graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Navy graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Marine Corps  graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Air Force graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  Coast Guard graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45),  National Guard graphic 07vvg(60), undated base vvg/m(45).

WEST VIRGINIA -  71vvg(12), Yellow and Blue map graphic  95fg(4), 95 house trailer fg(4), Yellow Map graphic 85vvg(8), 85 house trailer vvg(8), 85 light trailer vg(7), gvg(5), 86vg(7), 86gvg(5), 87vvg(8), 89 house trailer vvg(8), 90vg(7), 92vvg(8), 93 truck vvg(8),  95vvg(8), 95vg(7), 95 light trailer vg(7), g(4), 95 house trailer vg(6), Wild, Wonderful graphic:  96vvg(10), 97vvg(10), 97vg(9), 98vvg(10),  98vg(9), 99vvg(10), 99vg(9), 99 house trailer vvg(10), 2000vvg(10) 01vvg(10), 01vg(9), 05vg(9), www graphic 05vvg(12), 05vg(10), 06vvg(12), 06vg(10), non-graphic plates 87 dealer vvg(8), 91  dealer vvg(8), 93 dealer vvg(8), 94 dealer vvg(8), 95 recreational vehicle dealer vvg(8),  99dealer vvg(8), 2000 recreational vehicle dealer vvg(8), 02 used car dealer vvg(8).

WISCONSIN -  22gvg(25), 26gvg(18), 28gvg(18), 28g(15), 29gvg(18),  37vvg - bend (25), 38gvg(15), 39vg - 2xh(15), 40gvg(16),  67vvg(6), 67vg(5),  76 dealer vvg(4), 79vvg(5), 80vg(4.50), 81vg(4.50), 83vg(4.50), 91vvg(3), 93vvg(3), undated tax only vvg(4), red farm graphic 89vvg(3.50), 90vvg(3.50),  92vg(3),  94vvg(3.50), 94vg(3), 95vvg(3.50), 96 truck gvg(5), 97vvg(3.50), 99vvg(3.50),  02vvg(3.50), 02vg(3), 02 truck vvg(4),  02 trailer (non-graphic) vvg(4.50),  03vvg(3.50), black farm graphic, 2002vvg(6.50),  03vvg(6.50), undated base vvg(4.50), vg(4), Sesquicentennial graphic 2000vvg(24), 2000vg(20),  01vvg(24),  03vg(20), University of Wisconsin graphic 05vvg(45).

WYOMING -  78m(5.50), 78vvg(5), 78vg(4.50), 78 truck m(4), 78 trailer m(4), 78 house trailer vg(3.50),  79vvg(5), 79 truck m(4.50), 79 house trailer vg(3.50), 83gvg(4), 88 truck m(4), 88 truck vg(4.50), 94vvg(5), 94vg(4.50), 94 truck vvg(5), 94 truck vg(4.50), 95vvg(5), 95 truck vvg(5), 96vvg(5), 96 truck vvg(5),  96 truck vg(4.50), 97vvg(5), 97 truck vvg(5), vg(4.50), 98vvg(5), 98vg(4.50), 98 truck vvg(5), vg(4.50), 99vvg(5), 99 truck vvg(5), vg(4.50), 2000vvg(5), 2000 truck  vvg(5), vg(4.50), flat Devil's Tower graphic 02vv(5),  03vvg(5),  03 house trailer vvg(5.50), 04vvg(5),  04 truck vvg(5.50), 05vvg(5), 05vg(4.50),  05 truck vg(5), 06vvg(5), 06vg(4.50)., 07vvg(5), 07vg(4.50).

GUAM - 64g(26), 82 commercial vvg(18), Hafa Adai graphic 89vg(13), 89g(8), 89 cargo vg(14), g(9), 90vg(13), 90 cargo vvg(18), vg(14), 91vg(13), 91g(8), 91 cargo vg(14), 92g(8), 92 cargo vg(13), g(9), 93g(8), 93 cargo vvg(16),  vg(14), g(9), 93 trailer vvg(18).

U.S. GOVERNMENT - 1980's embossed metal passenger vg(34).

U.S. FORCES - Germany  - 1966-73 passenger (silver on green) vvg(10), vg(9),  1982-89 passenger (black on white) vvg(7),  vg(6), 1990-1999 passenger (black on white with two black stripes  at top and bottom) vvg(6.50), vg(6).

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS - St. John -  1975 truck m(18), 1978 passenger vg(25), 1978 truck m(18), St. Thomas -  1975 government m(15), 1975 truck m(15).

CHEROKEE NATION (Oklahoma) - 2004 vvg(25), 05vvg(25), 06vvg(25).

CREE NATION (Manitoba) -  2003vvg(25),  2005vg(22).

MUSCOGEE NATION (Oklahoma) - with multicolored crest - 2005vvg(32),  2006vvg(32).

SPIRIT LAKE TRIBE (North Dakota) - with tribe logo 01vvg(40), 04vvg(40).


CANADA - ALBERTA - 59g(8), 62vg(8), 63vg(8), 64gvg(7), 65g(5), 66vg(7), 68vvg(8), 68vg(7), 69gvg(6.50),  71vvg(8), 71vg(7), 72vvg(7), 72vg(6), 72 truck vvg(8),  74vg(6), 79 commercial vg(4), 80vvg(4), 81vvg(4), 82vvg(4),  82vg(3.50), 84vvg(4), 84vg(3.50), Wild Rose graphic 85vvg(4), 86vvg(4), 88vvg(4), 93vvg(4), 93vg(3.50), 94ex(4), 94vvg(3.50), 94vg(3), 95ex(4.50), 95vvg(4), 95vg(3.50), 96ex(4.50), 96vvg(4), 97ex(4.50), 97vvg(4),  fleet vehicle vvg(4.50).

BRITISH COLUMBIA -  55gvg(10), 56vvg(14),  57f(4), 58 Centennary vvg(20), 58 Centennary vg(18), 62 vg commercial (4), 66fg(3), 67vvg(4), 67vg(3.50),  67 utility trailer vvg(6), 68vvg(4), 68vg(3.50),  68g(3), 68f(2), 68 utility trailer vg(5), 69vvg(4), 69vg(3.50), 69 "C" prefix g(3),  69 utility trailer vvg(6),  70 utility trailer vg(5), 72vg(4), 73 utility trailer gvg(4.50),  77vvg(5), 78vvg(5), 82vvg(5),  84vvg(5), 86 Expo vvg(8), Flag graphic 86 with Expo 86 sticker vvg(6.50), 87vvg(6.50),  88vvg(6.50), 88vg(6),  89vvg(6.50), 91vvg(6.50), 93vvg(6.50), 94vvg(6.50),  95vvg(6.50),  98 commercial trailer vvg(6.50), 99 commercial truck vvg(6.50).

MANITOBA 64vg(9), (65-70 are 64 base w/tabs) 65vg(18), 66vg(18), 67vg(18), 68vg(18), 69vg(18), 69 truck vg(20), 71vg(8), 74 trailer vvg(4), 74 trailer vg(3.50), 75vvg(10), 75vg(8),  76vvg(4), 76vg(3.50), 77vvg(4.50), 77vg(4), 78vg(4), 79vg(4), 80vvg(4.50), 80vg(4),  81vvg(4), 81vg(3.50), 82ex(4.50), 82vvg(4), 82vg(3.50), 82 trailer vvg(4), black and red on white 83 base vg(4.50), black on white  83 base vvg(3), 85-88 semi-trailer vvg(4), 86vvg(4.50), 87vvg(4.50), 88vvg(4.50), 88 trailer vvg(3.50), 88 trailer vg(3), 88 semi-trailer vg(4), 89ex(5), 89vvg(4.50), 91 trailer vvg(3.50), 91 commercial truck vvg(4.50), 92vg(4), 92 commercial truck vvg(4.50), 92 trailer vvg(3.50), 93 semi-trailer vg(4), 98 semi-trailer vvg(4.50), current river scene graphic  98vvg(4.50), 99vvg(4.50),  01vvg(4.50), 02vvg(4.50), 03vvg(4.50), 04vvg(4.50), 05vvg(4.50).

NEW BRUNSWICK -  33 farm truck g(18), 35 farm truck g(18), 45vvg(25), 45vg(22), 46vvg(25), 46vg(22), 47vg(22), 48vg(22), 48gvg(20), 58vvg/m(18), 59vvg/m(18), 63g(4), 69m(5), 78m(5), 78 Antique Auto vvg(12), 78 miscellaneous m(4), 78 series (undated) heavy truck m(3),  79vvg(6), 79vg(5), 79 commercial m(4), 80vvg(6), 87m(6),  88vvg(6), 91m(7), ship graphic 94vvg(5), 95vvg(5), 96vvg(5),  96 commercial vvg(5), 97vvg(5), 98vvg(5), 2001vvg(5),  02 trailer vvg(6), 03vvg(5), 04vvg(5),  Salmon conservation graphic 04vvg(25), 06vvg(25).

NEWFOUNDLAND - 65g(15), 67 Centennial vvg(18), vg(15), 68 Canada's Happy Province vvg(18), vg(15), 69 the Mighty Churchill vvg(18), vg(15), 73g(8), 74g(8), 75g(8), 75 commercial vvg(12), 76 commercial m(12),  vvg(10), 81 commercial vvg(12),  83g(8), 84vg(10), 84g(8), 85vg(10), 86vg(10), 86g(8), 87vg(10), 92g(7), 93vg(10), 93g(7), 93 commercial vg(10), 94vvg(12), 94vg(10), 94g(7), 95 commercial vg(10), 96 commercial vg(10), g(8), A World of Difference graphic (Viking ship) 2003vg(14), Newfoundland flag graphic 06vvg(20), 07vvg(20).

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES - 65vvg(65), 75 rental vvg(60), 77vvg(60), 79vvg(60), 79vg(55), 82vg(55).

NOVA SCOTIA -  58vg(18), 62 commercial g(8), 62vg(14), 64vvg - bent (15), 66gvg(8), 67 commercial vvg(14),  67 commercial vg(12), 68vg(14),  70vvg(15), 74vvg(14), 74vg(12), 76gvg(11), 77gvg(9), 78gvg910), 79vg(12), 79gvg(11), 79 commercial vg(12),  79 freight carrier (FX series - small size) vg(8),  80 commercial vvg(14), 80 commercial vg(12), 81vvg(14), 81vg(12), 81gvg(10), 83vg(12), 83gvg(10), 84vvg(14), 84gvg - 1xh(10),  85vvg(14),  86vvg(14), 89vvg(14), 91vvg(14), 91vg(12),  91gvg(10).

ONTARIO - 21g - split bolt hole (22), 22g(18), 24vg(26), 25fg(14), 28vg(20), 30fg(12), 33g(15), 35gvg(16), 43g truck (10), 48gvg(12), 53 truck gvg(8), 60vg(6), 60g(5),  61gvg(5), 61g(4), 62vg(5), 62g(4), 63vvg - 2xh(4.50), 63vg(4.50), 63g(4),  64g(4),  65vg(4), 65g(3.50), 66vg(4), 66g(3.50), 67 Confederation g(4.50), 68vvg(4), 68vg(3.50), 68g(3), 69vvg(4), 69vg(3.50), 69g(3), 70vvg(4), 70vg(3.50),  70g(3), 71vvg(4), 71vg(3.50), 71g(3), 72vvg(4), 72vg(3.50), 72g(3), 73g(4), 77vvg(5), 84 commercial vehicle vg(4.50),  undated trailer base vg(4), current silkscreened Yours to Discover  97vvg(12), 97vg(10), 98vvg(12), 98vg(10), 99vvg(12), 99vg(10), 01vvg(12), 01vg(10),  Quarterly truck plates 3/70vg(3), 9/72vg(3), 12/72vvg(3.50), 3/74vvg(3.50), 12/74vvg(3.50), 3/76gvg(2.50), 3/76g(2), 3/77vvg(3.50), 3/77vg(3), 3/77gvg(2.50),  6/77vvg(3.50), 12/77gvg(2.50), 12/77g(2), 3/78vvg(3.50), 3/78vg(3), 6/78vg(3), 9/78vg(3), 12/78vvg(3.50), 3/79vvg(3.50), 3/79vg(3), 3/79gvg(2.50), 6/79vg(3), 9/79vg(3), 9/79vg(3), 9/79gvg(2.50), 6/80(3.50).

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - 63vg(22), 67gvg(10), 69m(8), the Place to Be in 73 graphic 73vvg/m(28), 73vg(24),  75vg(20), 75gvg(15), Seat Belts Save 76 commercial gvg(12), 77vg(14), 78gvg(12), 78g(10), 78 commercial gvg(12), 79vg(14),  80gvg(12), 80 commercial vg(14),  Crest 82vg(15), 84vg(15), 90vg(15),  95 trailer vg(12),  98 trailer gvg(11), 01gvg(14), Anne of Green Gables graphic  95 commercial truck m(15), 96m(22), 97m(20), undated m(18).

QUEBEC - 51vg(12), 51 private commercial vehicle vg(12), 53vg(10), 57vg(10), 57gvg(8), 58vvg(10), 58vg(8), 62vvg(7), 62 commercial vg(6), 63vvg(7), 63vg(6), 65vvg(6), 65vg(5), 66vg(4.50),  68vvg(5), 68vvg-xh (4.50), 68vg(4.50), 70vvg(5), 70vg(4.50), 71vg(4.50), 71vg-xh(4), 73vg(3.50), 73g(3), 74vvg(4), 75vvg(4), 75vg(3.50),  77vvg(4.50), 77vg(4), 78vvg(4.50),  78g(3.50), 78 rental car/truck vg(4), g(3.50), 78 commercial dealer vg(4),  89vg(3.50), 91vg(3.50), 92vg(3.50), 92 commercial "F" series vvg(4.50), vg(4),  current undated permament plates  passenger vvg(6), vg(5), commercial "F" series vvg(6), vg(5).

SASKATCHEWAN - 35vg #30-000 (25), 48vg(18), 50vg(15), 50 farm vehicle gvg(14),  51vg(16), 58vg(10), 58 farm vehicle g(7), 61vg(6), 61gvg(4.50),  62vg(5), 62gvg(4.50), 63gvg(4),  65 Diamond Jubilee vvg(10), vg(9), 67 Canada Centennial vvg(9), vg(8), 69vg(4.50), 70vg(4),  71vg(4), 71gvg(3.50), 72vg(4),  75vvg(4.50), 75vg(4), 76 commercial vvg(4.50), wheat graphic 78vvg(6), 82vg(5.50), 88vvg(5.50), 88vg(5), 89vg(5),  90vvg(5.50), 91vvg(5.50), 94vg(5), 94gvg(4.50), 94g(4), 95vvg(5.50), 95gvg(4.50), 96vg(5), 96gvg(4.50), 97vvg(5.50), 97vg(5), 98vvg(5.50),  98vg(5), 99vvg(6),  Land of Living Skies graphic 98vvg(5.50), 99vvg(5.50), 99vg(5), 99 truck vvg(5.50), 2000gvg(4.50),  2001vvg(5.50), 02vvg(5.50), 03vvg(5.50)undated base vvg(5), vg(4.50), gvg(4).

YUKON - 80 series undated m(16).


ANTIQUE/HISTORICAL AUTO PLATES  - Alabama vintage vehicle vvg(10), Florida - 1999 collectable vvg(15), Georgia - 1994 antique vvg(18), Indiana - 1983 historic vvg(15), 92 historic vvg(15),  Iowa - 73 antique vvg(12), 74 antique vvg(12),  Kansas - current antique vvg(20),  Kentucky - historic vvg(25),   Minnesota - undated collector m(5), Mississippi - antique vvg(20),  New Jersey - historic vvg(20), North Carolina - 78 antique vvg(20),  Tennessee - 1990’s antique vvg(15),  West Virginia - 67 antique vvg(35),  Ontario - 70 historic vvg(15).


MOTORCYCLE PLATES - ALABAMA - 91vvg(4), 92vvg(4), 93vvg(4), 94vvg(4).  ALASKA -  2002 series without motorcycle across bottom undated base m(8), 02vvg(12), 03vvg(12), 04vvg(12), 05vvg(12), 06vvg(12), 07vvg(12).  ARKANSAS - 91vg(6), 96m(5).   FLORIDA - 73vg(6),  orange on white base 92vg(3.50),  green on white base 86vvg(4), 94vvg(4), 95vvg(4), 96vvg(4), 96vvg-2xh(3.50), 97vvg(4),  97vg(3.50), 97vvg 2xh(3), 98vvg(4).   ILLINOIS - 84vvg(5), 95vvg(4),  2001vvg(4).  INDIANA - 72gvg(3), 73vg(3.50), 75vg(3.50), 84vg(3.50), 85vg(3.50), 87vg(3.50), 93vvg(3.50).  IOWA - 74vvg(4), 76m(3), 77m(3), 78m(3),  2000 farm graphic vvg(4.50), undated base vvg(3.50).  KANSAS - 88vg(5), 98vvg(5), 98vg(4.50), 99vvg(5).   KENTUCKY -  71vvg(8), 74vvg(8), 75vvg(8.50), 75vg(7), 75gvg(6),  76vvg(8), 77vvg(8), 78vvg(7).   MASSACHUSETTS - 83vvg(5), 84vvg(4.50), 90vvg(5). MISSISSIPPI - 90vvg(12), 02 Magnolia graphic vvg/m(10).    MINNESOTA - 74m(2), 78m(2.50), 80m(3), 81m(3), 84vg(3), 89 trail moped vvg(3.50), undated blue on white moped m(3).  NEW HAMPSHIRE - 96ex(6.50), 97ex(6.50), 98ex(6.50), 99ex(6.50),  01ex(7).  NEW MEXICO - 97vvg(6), 98vvg(6), 98vg(5.50).  NEW YORK - 75vg-xh(6.50), 79g-xh-split bolt hole (4.50),  83vg-split bolt hole (4.50), 83gvg-xh(4.50).  NORTH CAROLINA - 2002vvg(4.50), 05vvg(4.50).  OREGON - 92g - split (8).  PENNSYLVANIA - 85vg(10), 87vg(10), 88vg(10), 89vg(10), 90vg(10), 90gvg(9), 92vg(10), with temporary sticker vvg(12).  SOUTH CAROLINA - 91vvg(4), SOUTH DAKOTA - 86vvg(4), 87vvg(7).  TENNESSEE - 84vg(6), 95m(6).  UTAH - 80vg(8).  WYOMING - 78m(3),  79m(3.50), 82vvg(4).    ALBERTA - 70vvg(12), 73vvg(12), 82vg(10), 95vvg(9), 95vg(8), 96vvg(9), 96vg(8), 97vvg(9), 97vg(8), 98vvg(9), 98vg(8).    BRITISH COLUMBIA -  85vvg(12), 87vvg(10), 87vg(9), 88vvg(10), 88vg(9), 89vvg(12), 89vg(11).  MANITOBA - 83vvg(12),  94vvg(12).   ONTARIO-  73vvg(12).  PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - 76m(16), 77m(18).  QUEBEC - 74vg(8), 76vvg(9), 87vg(7), 88vg(7), 90vg(7), 92vg(7).  SASKATCHEWAN - 70vvg(14), 71vvg(14), 71vg with split (10),  73vvg(14), 75vvg(14), 75vg(12), 85vvg(14), 86vvg(14),.   YUKON - undated red on white base m(12), 85vvg(18).


DISABLED - WHEELCHAIR PLATES - Arizona - cactus 94vg(3), 99vg(3), 02vg(3), desert graphic 02vvg(4), 03vvg(4), 04vvg(4), Arkansas 04vvg(3.50), 04vg(3), 05vvg(3.50), 05vg(3), 06vvg(3.50), California 07vvg(3.50), Georgia 82 handicapped disabled vet (red and blue on white) vg(12), 03vg(3.50),  Iowa - 03vvg(6), 06vvg(6),  Montana - 01vvg(3.50), 03vvg(3.50), 04vvg(3.50), flat base 05vvg(3.50), 06vvg(3.50),   Mississippi ­ 92 handicapped pickup vg(5),  99 disabled vvg(10),  New Hampshire 91vvg(6.50), 91vg(6), 92vvg(5.50), 92vvg(6.50), 93vvg(6.50), 94vvg(6.50),   North Carolina - current permament vvg(12), South Carolina - 89 disabled vvg(8),  South Dakota - 87vvg(4), 90vvg(4), 92vvg(4), 05vvg(3.50), 06vvg(3.50), Washington 2003vvg(10).


SAMPLE PLATES - ARIZONA - current graphic vvg(5),  MARYLAND - current motorcycle m(10).  MISSISSIPPI - 69vvg(14),   PENNSYLVANIA - St. Joseph’s University vvg(5),  Graphic plates:  DARE vvg(10), River Otter vvg(12), Bengal Tiger vvg(12), Train vvg(12).   UTAH - Centennial (light UTAH) vvg(10),  NORTHWEST TERRITORIES - current motorcycle m(20).


FOREIGN PLATES - ALBANIA - 1993 series embossed passenger (black on white without crest) vvg/m(28), 1993 series embossed government (black on apricot without crest) vvg/m(28).

ALLIED FORCES - Allied Forces in Italy - current "AFI" black on white passenger vvg(14),  vg(12), g(10), current "AFI" white on black passenger (for second vehicles) vvg(16).

ANDAMAN and NICOBAR ISLANDS - current white on black passenger vvg/m(35), current black on white commercial/public service vvg/m(38), 2002 debossed plastic graphic plates with 3 lion crest:  English language passenger vvg/m(35),, Hindi language passenger vvg/m(35), English language taxi vvg/m(35), English language motorcycle vvg/m(35).

ARUBA - Isla di Carnaval   81 rental car vg(10), 82 rental car vg(10), One Happy Island  84 rental car vvg(10), vg(9), 85 rental car vvg(9), 86 private auto vvg(15), 88 rental car vvg(10), 90 rental car vvg(15), vg(12), 91 rental car  vvg(10), 92 rental car vvg(10), 93 rental car vvg(10), 94 rental car vvg(10), 95 rental car vvg(10), 96vvg(10), 97 rental car vvg(10), 98 rental car vvg(10), 2002 private auto vg(20), 2005 private auto vvg(25).

AUSTRALIA - All Australian plates are passengers unless otherwise indicated.   Australia Army 91vvg(22),  Interstate trucks (green on apricot): South Australia vvg(20), Victoria vvg(20), gvg(17).

                        AUSTRALIAN CAPITOL TERRITORY - 1968-79 vvg(10), vg(8), "Nation's Capital" vvg(14),  vg(12),   "Nation's Capitol " LP gas vehicle gvg(12), new revised "Nation's Capitol" with embossed ACT at top and silkscreened CANBARRA - THE NATION'S CAPITOL at bottom vvg(18),  gvg(12), "Heart of the Nation" vvg(18),  1998 series non-slogan vvg(15), current slim line passenger vvg(22), 1989 series red on white government vvg(22), vg(18), 1953 series trailer vg(18), 1975 series trailer vg(8), 1978 series LP gas powered hire car vvg(20), 1978 series motor omnibus vvg(15),    “PB 000” vvg(20), 1992 plastic white on black vanities:  “YRB 30T“ vvg(20).

                        NEW SOUTH WALES - 1951 NSW series vg(8), 1951 NSW series PL gas vehicle vg(12), Premier State vvg(8), vg(7), vg-faded(5),   "New South Wales"  m(12),  vvg(10),  “First State”  vvg(8), vg(7),  trailer vvg(8), vg(7), "Towards 2000"  m(12),  vvg(8), vg(7),  slim line black on white passenger vvg(10), 2004 “New South Wales”  AB-12-CD series vvg(10), 1987 BiCentennial vvg(45),  Centenary of Federation graphic vvg(45), 1981 series trailer vvg(8), 1989 series trailer vvg(12), white on black personalized vvg(10).

                        NORTHERN TERRITORY - 1953-79 series vvg(20), vg(17), "Outback Australia" vvg(18), vg(15), g(12),  Bicentennial vvg(22), vg(18),  current "Outback Australia" government  vvg(24), vg(20), vg(16),  1979 dealer (yellow on black) m(18),  current motor omnibus (yellow on black) vg(15),  current tourist vehicle graphic vg(35), current trailer vvg with 1996 sticker vvg(18).

                        QUEENSLAND -  1955-77  vg(12), g - damaged corner (5), 1955-77 trailer vg(6), "Sunshine State" green on white vvg(8), vg(7),  "Sunshine State" with map vg(12), "Sunshine State" maroon on white vvg(10), vg(8),   Bicentennial vvg(65),   “Sunshine State”   government vvg(20), “Smart State” vvg(16), 1969-93 white on black Consular Corps vg(60), 1993-97 white on green Consular Corps vvg(70),  1964-93 ambulance vvg(18), vg(16),  86 dealer white/brown vvg(14), 92 dealer white/brown vvg(14), 95 dealer white/blue vvg(14),  current farm tractor vvg(14), 1992 white on brown farm permit, vvg(14),  1993 white on green farm permit vvg(14), 1999 white/green farm permit vvg(14),  current historical vehicle vvg(18),  current LP gas white on green taxi vvg(18) 1976-83 series heavy trailer vvg(12),  P ersonalized with map “JJD 11“ vvg(18),.

                        SOUTH AUSTRALIA - 1967-80 vg(6), Festival State vvg(10), vg(9), gvg(8), LP Gas Vehicle vg(9), redrawn "Festival State" with white crest vvg(12), vg(10), current slim line vvg(15), Grand Prix graphic vvg(25), 1980 series government vvg(28),  1994 series government vvg(25),  1981 series trailer vvg(10), vg(8).

                        TASMANIA -  1970-76 series vg(18), "Holiday Isle" vvg(14), vg(12), gvg(11), "Holiday Isle" LP Gas vehicle vvg(14),  "Your Natural State" with Tasmanian tiger with green border vvg(18), "Your Natural State" with Tasmanian tiger with blue border vvg(24), pre-1979 hire and drive (rental car) gvg(14).

                        VICTORIA - 1939-53 series vvg(18), 1953-77 Garden State vvg(8),  vg(6), 1984-90 Nuclear Free State vvg(20), 1984-94 150 Years vg(18), 1984-90 green on white “ Victoria” vvg(20), vg(18), 1986-88 Bicentennial LP gas vehicle vg(15), 1992-95  1994-2000 “On the Move”  vvg(8),  2000 blue on white “Victoria” vvg(24),  2000 - present Place to Be vvg(10),  LP Gas vehicle vvg(10),    1977 series red on white “Garden State” government vvg(18), vg(15), 1991 series red on white “Drive Safely” government vvg(25), 1994-2000  red and blue on white “On the Move” government vvg(18), 2000 red on white “Victoria” government vvg(25), 2000 red on white “The Place to Be” government vvg(18), 1993 series bike rack vvg(18),  1998 dealer vg(15), 1990 exempt trailer vvg(12),  1990’s white on black provisional vvg(12),  1963-79 black on white trailer vg(15), 1979-95 black on white “Garden State” trailer vvg(8), vg(7),  1988-95 blue on white “Garden State” semi-trailer vvg(8), white on black personalized “KK-010” vg(8), green on white “Garden State“ personalized plates:  “AD-2001“ vvg(12), “CB-077“ vg(10).

                        WESTERN AUSTRALIA - 1968-78 black on white shire vg(10),  1978-8 Perth vvg(6), vg(5), 1978-85 shire vvg(10), vg(7), 1983-87 Perth State of Excitement vvg(10), vg(9), g(8),  1987-97 “Golden State” Perth vvg(12), vg(10), g(5),  1987-97 “Golden State” shire/county vvg(10), vg(8), 1997-present Sun Graphic Perth vvg(10),  1997-present Sun Graphic shire vvg(12), 1990-97 blue on white “Golden State” government vvg(22), 1987 black on blue personalized “LAC-070” vvg(18), Jan/Jun 1999 auto registration sticker m(6), Jul/Dec 1999  auto registration sticker m(6).

                        AUSSIE MOTORCYCLE PLATES -  Australia Capital Territory - 1975 series vvg(12),  New South Wales - current black on yellow m(8), vvg(6), g(4),  Northern Territory -  1940-53 white on black vg(28), undated orange on white vvg(15), 1991vg(14), 1995 vvg(16), NT government (NTG) vvg(25).  Queensland - 1955-75 motorcycle (white on black) vg(12), current green on white vvg(7), South Australia - current black on white g(7), current SA government vvg(24).  Victoria -  1977 series  green on white m(8). vvg(6).  Western Australia - current Perth black on yellow vvg(7), vg(6),  g(5).

BAHAMAS -  Andros - 94-5 black on white taxi vvg(30), Columbus Quincentennial  graphic 92ex(28), 92vvg(24), 92ex truck (28), 92vvg truck (24),  95-96 truck vg(32),  g(28).  Grand Bahama  - 90 series self drive vg(20), Columbus Quincentennial graphic 92vg(26), 92g(22), 92 truck vg(26), 92 motorcycle vvg(32), 93vg(26), 94-95vvg(30), 95-96vvg(30), 95-96vg(28), 95-96g(24), 95-96 truck vg(28), 95-96 truck gvg(24), 97vvg(30),  1998 series passenger vg(34).  Nassau -  78 series red on cream passenger vg(24), 83-86 green on white:  passenger vg(15), 90 white on green:  passenger vg(15),  90 black on white: taxi vvg(18), vg(15), bus vg(15),  white on green passenger 91vg - damaged sticker (18), 1990 series black on yellow dealer vvg(20), g(16), 95-96vvg(20), 95-96vg(18),  1995-96 bus gvg(15),  97vvg(20), 97vg(18), 97g(14), Columbus Quincentennial graphic (blue and black on yellow):   93g - torn bolt hole (9), 93 truck vg(16), 94-95vvg(20), 94-95g(12), 95-96vg(16), 97vg(20), bonded vehicle (black and blue on white):  92ex(15), 92vvg(12), 92vg(10), 95-96gvg(16), 1998 series passenger (blue on yellow) vg(20), 95-96vg(22), truck (blue on yellow) vvg(22), gvg(18).

BELGIUM -  1971-73 passenger vvg(18), 1990’s red on white passenger with crest (rear) vvg(20),  1999 temporary pair with sticker vvg(30),  05 temporary with crest vvg(18),  current EC dealer (green on white) vg(35),  boat tags  1975vg(14), 1979vg(14), current Army with tricolor vvg(45), vg(30),  motorcycle plates: 1926-51 porcelain vg(45), gvg(40), 1951 white on blue vg(30), 1965 black on yellow vg(20), vg - damaged corners (15), bicycle plates:  Antwerp 22vg-porcelain (30), 85vg(9), Brabant 34gvg-porcelain (25), 37gvg-porcelain (25), 78vg(8), 78gvg(7), 79vvg(10), 79vg(8), 80vvg(10), 80vg(8), 81vvg(10), 81gvg(7), 82vg(8), 83vvg(10), 84vvg(10), 85vvg(10), 88vg(9), Limberg 79gvg(7), 80vvg(10), 81vvg(10), 82vg(8), 83vvg(10), 83vg(8), 84vvg(10), 84vg(8), 86vvg(10), 87vvg(10), 88vvg(10), 88vg(8), 88gvg(7), Oost-Vl. 87vvg(10), West-Vl. 85vvg(10), 86vvg(10) .

BONAIRE - 1991 passenger vvg(28).

BRAZIL -  1976 series passengers (black on yellow): Curitiba vg(24), Diamantino vg(24),  Goiania vvg(28), Guaraquecaba vg(25), Herculandia vvg(28), Irani vvg(28), Paranagua vg(25), Paranagua public service (white on red) repaint g(20), Paranavai vg(25), Sumare vg(25). 

BULGARIA - 2000 series passenger with flag above BG  on blue band vg(55).

CAMEROUN - current black on orange passenger with CEMAC crest vg(45).

CHILE -  60 Nunoa truck gvg(20),  1969 series:   El Tabo vg(18),  1970 series:  El Quisco vg(18), 1974 series:  La Granja vg(18), 1975 series: Rosario vvg(20),  1977 series:  Til Til vg(18), 1978 series:  Providencia vvg(20), Quillota motorcycle vg(18), San Bernardo vg(18), vc series motorcycle vg(18), 1979 series:  Zapallar passenger vvg(15),  1980 series: C. de Tango truck vvg(20), La Serena motorcycle vvg(18), Quiullota  motorcycle vvg(18),  Villarrica vvg(18), Vina del Mar motorcycle vvg(18), bicycle vvg(14), gvg(10), 1981 series:  Providencia vvg(16), Vina del Mar motorcycle vvg(18),  1982 series:  v series motorcycle vvg(14), 1983 series:  Quintero vvg(16),  1984 series:  Los Vilos gvg(12), Pelarco gvg(12), Requinoa gvg(12),  1985 series with CHILE across the bottom:  passenger vvg(18) vg(15), 1985 series commercial with district name across top gvg(18).

CORSICA - current passenger vvg(18), vg(16).

CURACAO - 1986 passenger vvg(22), vg(18), 1986 truck vvg(22), 1988 passenger ex(25), vvg(22), 1988 rental vvg(10), 1989 passenger vvg(20), vg(18),  1990 passenger vvg(22),  1991 rental vvg(10), vg(8),  1993 motorcycle vvg(16), 1994 motorcycle gvg(14), 1994 moped vvg(12), 1994 truck vg(20).

CYPRUS - 1956 series passenger plates: aluminum base/plastic letters vvg(18), vg(16), g(12), flat plexiglass passengers:   vvg(18), vg(16), g(14), g - cracked (12),  flat plexiglass motorcycle vvg(20),  vg(18),  public service vehicle "TR" series vg(20), 1994 visitor vvg(32).

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - 1984-2 half passenger  vvg(20).

ENGLAND - 1963-83 series one line plastic letter passenger vg(8), 1963-83 two line raised plastic letter truck vg(8), 1963-83 series flat plastic passenger vvg(8), 1963-83 flat plastic moyorcycle vvg(8), 1983 series raised plastic letter one line passenger vvg(8), 1983 series one line embossed metal passenger vg(8), 1983 series one line flat plastic passenger vvg(8),  2001 series passenger vvg(8), vg(7), 1983 series EC passenger with GB vvg(16), vg(14),  current EC vanity "RTW 7W" vg(14), 2001 EC passenger vvg(16), vg(14), British military series (1 line unless otherwise indicated):  1949 series embossed metal vvg(20), vg(18), gvg (repaint) (15), 1949 series 2 line embossed metal vg(20), 1949 series flat metal vg(20).

ESTONIA - 1960 series (white on black) - these plates are routinely repainted to extend their use - Latin Letter passenger vvg(26), vg(24),  Latin letter motorcycle vg(24), gvg(20),  1980 series (black on white):  Latin letter passenger vvg(20), vg(18), repaint vg(12),  Latin letter truck vg(18), vg (local repaint) (14), Exit vehicle (black on yellow) vg(22), senior government official (EAC series) vvg(24), vg(20),  government (these plates used as passengers 1991-92) vvg(20), vg(16), motorcycle vvg(20), 1992 Independent series: 1992 six sided moptorcycle (undated) vg(25),  1997 passenger with Harju crest vg(32), gvg(30), 1997 passenger without crest vvg(25), 1997 motorcycle vvg(25), 1998 passenger vvg(25), 1998 motorcycle vvg(25),   1998 foreign resident vvg(25), 2000 passenger vvg(25), 2000 vanity "KILP 32" vg(25),  01 foreign resident vvg(25), 02 passenger vvg(25),  02 foreign resident vvg(25),  03 passenger  vvg(25),  03 motorcycle vvg(25), 04 foreign resident vvg(25), 04 small sized motorcycle vvg(25), vg(22), 05 passenger vvg(25),  05 small sized motorcycle vvg(25), 06 passenger vvg(25),  06 motorcycle vg(22), 06 small sized motorcycle vvg(25), 07 passenger vvg(25), current dealer (PROOV) vg(30), current red on silver temporary vvg/m(12),  1992 series US sized passengers:  98vvg(25), 2000vvg(25),  2000vg(22),  01vvg(25),  02vvg(25), 04vg(22),  06vg(22),  06gvg(20),  2004 series EC passenger vvg(30),  2002 US sized passenger vvg(30), vg(25),  2004 series red on silver EC temporary vvg(35).

FINLAND - 1935 Turku passenger without seal gvg(55), g(50), 1960 series white on black passenger vg(35),  gvg(30), 1990's  black on white passenger vvg(22), vg(19), g(16), 1990's black on white motorcycle vvg(28).

FRANCE - 1950 series silver/white on black  one line passenger vvg(8), vg(7),  1950 series silver/white on black  motorcycle vvg(10), vg(8), 1950 series silver/white on black handpainted motorcycle vg(10),  1950 series temporary (silver on red undated) vg(10), 1950 series trade plates (black on white or black on apricot) vvg(12),   1993 series black on white (front) or black on apricot (rear) passenger vvg(12),  vg(10),  1993 series black on apricot motorcycle vvg(10),  current EC passenger vvg(12), vg(10), current EC motorcycle vvg(18), 1999 temporary (silver on red) vvg(12), 2001 temporary (silver on red) vvg(12), 2002 temporary (silver on red vvg(12).

GERMANY - 71 series  one line passenger vvg(5), vg(4.50), g(4),  71 series motorcycle vvg(18), vg(16), 67-88 oval temporary vvg(16), vg(14), 98 temporary (yellow band) vvg(7),  New EC one line passenger vvg(6), vg(5),  EC temporary vg(12),  EC motorcycle vvg(20), EC seasonal motorcycle vvg(18), vg(15), 88 moped vvg(3), 89 moped vvg(3), 02 moped vvg(3), 03 moped vvg(3, green on white agricultural tractor vvg(25).  Most German plates have the provincial seal defaced.  The following plates have intact provincial seals:  Bavaria vg(18),  Brandenburg vvg(24), vg(20), Bochum - no safety seal vg(16),  Celle 2 line vvg(20), vg(18), Dortmund vg(18),  temporary passengers with red band vvg(8), vg(7),  current short term temporary (yellow band) one line vvg(8), vg(7), two line vvg(12).

GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC - late 1980's series:  passenger without seal vvg(18), vg(16).

GHANA - early 1990's embossed passenger gvg(23), early 1990's government vg(42), g(38)., 1995 series with GH and flag - passengers (black on white) gvg - repainted (26).

GUINEA - 1994 series with tricolor map of Guinea:  white on blue 1 line temporary vg(60).

HUNGARY - 1958-90 black on white series:  private auto rear 370x110mm vg(24), private auto front 300x90mm vg(20), gvg - repaint (15), two line lorry/bus vg(20),  trailer vg(20), agricultural tractor (triangular) vg - touched up (24), under 125 cc motorcycle vg(20), over 125 cc motorcycle vg(22), 1990 series with "H" and flag:  black on white private auto vvg(22),  g(14), black on white two line bus vvg(22), vg(20),.  Black on white 2 line trailer vvg(22), Rental car "X" series: vg(25), temporary "E" series:  94vvg(25), 95vvg(25), 2002vvg(25),  Provisional "P" series:  98vvg(25),  Temporarily imported vehicle (private) "V" series: 98vvg(25), Permanently imported vehicle "Z" series:  93vvg(25), 95vg(22),  01vvg(25).

INDIA - small format (5 «" x 8 ¬") metal debossed: recent passenger vvg/m(20), recent government vvg/m(22), recent commercial/public service vvg/m(20), recent  yellow on black taxi vvg/m(20), recent white on red dealer vvg/m(20), recent temporary vvg/m(20), , large format (9"x 14") metal debossed: recent passenger (white on black) vvg/m(25), recent white on black government with yellow "G" vvg/m(26), recent commercial/public service vehicle (black on white) vvg/m(25), recent white on red dealer vvg/m(35), recent temporary (red on yellow) vg/m(25), 2002 series graphic plates with flag (autos are 14" x 6 «" motorcycles are 8" x 5"):  deluxe black on white plexiglass passenger vvg/m(35),   Hindi language black on white flat metal passenger vvg/m(28),   Tamil language black on white flat metal passenger vvg/m(34),  Tamil language black on yellowe flat metal taxi vvg/m(28),  black on white motorcycle vvg/m(28), Hindi language black on white motorcycle vvg/m(28),  Tamil language black on white motorcycle vvg/m(28), 2002 series graphic plates with round flag disk (14" x 6 «"): black on white flat metal passenger vvg/m(28),  Tamil language black on white flat metal passenger  vvg/m(28), black on yellow flat metal taxi vvg/m(28), Hindi language black on yellow flat metal taxi vvg/m(28),   Tamil language black on yellowe flat metal taxi vvg/m(28),  2002 series graphic plates with three Lion India crest (14" x 6 «"): black on white flat metal passenger vvg/m(28), black on white flat metal Hindi language passenger vvg/m(28).

INDONESIA - Passenger (white on black) - Java unless otherwise indicated:  87vg(18), 88vg(18), 89vg(18), 89g(15), 90vvg(18), 90vg(15), 90g(13), 91vvg(18), 91vg(15), 91g(13), 92vvg(15), 92vg(13), 93vvg(15),  93vg(13), 94vvg(15), 94vg(13), 94 Sumatra gvg(18), 98/96 sticker vg(17), 99vg(13), 99/96 sticker vg(17), 99/97 sticker vg(17), 99/96 and 97 sticker vg(18), 2001vg(15), 2002vg(15),  motorcycle:  83vg(15), 85vvg(18), 91vvg(18), 91vg(15), 92vvg(15), 92vg(13), 92g(10), 93vg(13), 98vvg(15),  99vg(13).  Government (white on red):  92vg(15), 93vg(18), 94vvg(18), 99vg(15),  Motorcycle:  93vvg(18), 93vg(15), 01 Commercial (black on yellow): 89vg(20), 92vg(18), 93vg(18), 93gvg(15), 94vg(18), motorcycle:  93g(15), Temporary (red on white):  vvg(18), vg(16),  Army (yellow on green and red with star): vg(40), g(35), f(15),  Navy (yellow on light blue and red with anchor): vg(42), g(36), f(15), Police (yellow on black and red):  motorcycle:  g(35).

IRELAND - pre-1986 black on red passenger vg(18), g(16),  1987 series passenger vvg(18), 1991 series EC passenger with county name in Gaelic:  An Clar (Clare) vg(22), An Iarmh¡ (West Meath) vvg(24), vg(22), An Longfort (Longford) vvg(28), gvg(25),  An Lu (Louth)  vvg(24), vg(22), An Mh¡ (Meath)  vvg(26), vg(24), gvg(22), Baile Atha Claith (Dublin) vvg(21), vg(19), Ceatharlach (Carlow) vvg(34), Cill Chainnigh (Kilkenny) vvg(32), Cill Dara (Kildare)  vvg(24),  vg(22),  Cill Mhantain (Wicklow) vvg(24), vg(22), g(20), Corcaigh (Cork) vvg(24), Dun Na Ngall (Donegal) vvg(24), Gaillimh (Galway) vvg(24),  vg(22), gvg(20),   Laois  vvg(24),  vg(22),  Liatroim (Leitrim) vg(34), vg - damaged upper left corner (26), Loch Garman (Wexford) gvg(18),  Luimneach (Limerick) vvg(28), vg(26), Maigh Eo (Mayo) vvg(24),  g(20),  Muineachan (Monoghan) vvg(26), vg - cracked around bolt hole (22), Port Lairge (Waterford) vvg(28), vg(26), Ros Comain (Roscommon) vvg(24),  vg(22), Sligeach (Sligo) vvg(24),  Tiobraid Arann (Tipperary) vvg(24),  Tiobraid Arann Theas (Tipperary - South) vvg(32), Uibh Fhaili (Offaly) vvg(24), vg(22),  1991 series  EC passenger without county name vvg(15).

ISLE OF MAN - 1974 series passenger vvg(20), 1979 series passenger vvg(20), vg(18), 1983 series passenger vvg(20), 1985 series passenger vvg(20), 1987 series passenger vvg(20), vg(21),   current graphic passenger with crest and Isle of Man across top vvg(34) vg(30).

ITALY - pre-1976 white on black rear vg(40), 1985 series:  Sasari rear vg(35), Viterbo rear vg(35),  1994 series:  front vvg(35), vg(30),  two line rear vvg(40).

JAMMU KASHMIR (Indian zone) - 2002 debossed plastic graphic plates with Indian flag:  English language passenger vvg/m(35),, Hindi language passenger vvg/m(35), English language taxi vvg/m(35), Hindi language taxk vvg/m(35), English language motorcycle vvg/m(35).

JERSEY - current passenger vg(20), g(16).

LACCADIVE ISLANDS - 2002 flat metal  graphic plates with Indian flag:  English language passenger vvg/m(32), English language motorcycle vvg/m(32).

LATVIA -  1960 Soviet series  motorcycle vg(35) , 1980 series government (these plates used as passengers  1991-92) vg(25),  1992 series  (with flag over LV) one line passenger vvg(35),   one line temporary  with red band vvg(25),  2004 series  EC temporary vvg(32).

LITHUANIA - 1992 series  dealer (red on white) vvg(24), vg(20), 2004 series temporary EC (red on white) vvg(30).

LUXEMBOURG - 1974 series  rear passenger with EC flag vvg(18),  1974 series front passenger without EC flag vvg(15), vg(13).

MEXICO - passenger plates unless otherwise indicated:  Baja California : 74-5 dealer vvg(10), 76-77 dealer vvg(13),  Frontier: 74-75vvg(8), 74-75vg(7), 76-77vvg(8), 76-77vg(7), 84-85g(5), Chihuahua: 74-75 public service truck m(13), vvg(11), 76-77 truck vvg(10), 76-77 public service truck m(13), vvg(11), 76-77 public service bus m(13), 76-77 taxi m(13),  86-91 truck vvg(10), 86-91 dealer vg(10),  Frontier: 76-77vvg(8),  78-79vg(8), 84-85m(10), 84-85vvg(8), 84-85vg(7), 88-91vvg(8), vg(6), Oaxaca: 1986-92vg - bent (12).

NETHERLANDS - 1951 series passenger vg(14), gvg(12), , 1965 series passenger vg(14), 1973-78 series passenger vg(14), gvg(12), 1978-91 series black on apricot passenger vvg(12), vg(10),  1991-98 series black on apricot passenger vg(10), 2000 series EC passenger vvg(18), vg(16), 2000 series EC replacement passenger vvg(22). 1999 series trailer vvg(12),  1989 moped vvg(8), 1992 moped vvg(8), 1994 moped vg(7), 2000 series 1 day temporary vg(8), current black on white provisional vg(8), current black on apricot vintage auto vg(12), 1989 moped vvg(8), 1992 moped vvg(8), 1994 moped vg(7).

NEW ZEALAND - 1951-56 white on black series vg(25), 1961-66 black on yellow series vvg(25), 1964-87 series silver on black vvg(18), vg(16), vg(14),  1988-2001 series  "AB1234" black on white vvg(18), vg(16), 1988 series tractor vvg(25).

NORTHERN IRELAND - current one line plexiglass  passenger vvg(15), vg(14), two line  plexiglass passenger vvg(15).

PANAMA - 78 passenger vvg(14), 80 truck vg(10), 80 bus vvg(12), 84 motorcycle vvg(12), 85 motorcycle vvg(12), 5 trailer ex(9), 86 bus vvg(12), 86 commercial bus vvg(12), 86 private bus vvg(12), vg(10), 86 trailer vvg(12), 86 taxi vvg(12), 86 motorcycle vvg(12), 87 passenger vvg(9), vg(8), 87 commercial vvg(10), 89 passenger vvg(9), vg(8), 90 passenger vvg(8), vg(7), 90 commercial bus vvg(8), 90 commercial vvg(10), 90 trailer  vvg(9), 91 passenger vvg(9),  vg(8), g(6), 91 truck vvg(8),  91 commercial vvg(9), vg(8), 91 dealer vvg(12), 91 bus vg(8), 91 commercial bus vg(8),  91 trailer vg(8), 91 special tourist vg(12), 92 passenger vvg(9), vg(8), 92 commercial vvg(10), 92 trailer vg(9), 93 passenger vvg(10), 94 passenger (undated) vvg(9), 2001 ship graphic vvg(12).

PARAGUAY - Ascuncion series (white on black) 91vvg(40), Provincial series (red on white) Valenzuela 88fg(18),  94g(20), Provincial series with multicolored crests:  Nemby 98gvg(36),  Presidente Franco 97vvg(42), 97vg(38),  San Bernardino 94vg(34), 97vg(34), Ypacarai 96vg(38).

PERU - Passengers unless otherwise stated: 1963 fg(30), 1964 fg(30).

POLAND - 1976 series passenger vvg(25), vg(22).

PORTUGAL - 1980's passengers:  plastic plate with raised plastic letters vg(20), gvg(16), 1992 series  EC passenger vvg(24), 1998 series EC passenger vvg with faded yellow band 1 line vvg(28).

ROMANIA - 1968 series passenger vg - repainted (20),  fg(15), 1980 series passenger vvg(28), 1992 series with flag:  passenger vg(35), vg(32).

ST. MAARTEN - 86 rental car vg(18), 87 rental car vg(18), 89 rental car vg(18), 90 rental car vg(18).

SCOTLAND - 1983 series one line plexiglass vvg(9),.

SOUTH AFRICA -  Transvaal:  1990’s  one line metal passenger vvg(16), vg(14), 1990’s  two line metal embossed passenger vg(15), gvg(13),  1990’s one line plexiglass passenger vvg(16), vg(14), unknown type "NSBD96T" vvg(16),.

SPAIN - 1972 series passenger vvg(11), vg(10), gvg(9), 1964 series  black on white temporary without sticker vg(18), 1971 series white on green provisional vvg(22), 1971 series motorcycle gvg(12),  1971 series moped vg(10), gvg(8), 1999 series white on green provisional vvg(22),   1999 series EC with old provincial codes vvg(16), vg(14), 2000 series EC passenger “1235 ABC” vvg(16), vg(14)., 2000 series small EC passenger vvg(18).

SRI LANKA -  1956 series flat metal plates without SRI symbol:  black on yellow private auto  vvg(30),  1956 series embossed metal white on black private vehicle plates:  passenger vvg(30),   taxi vvg(30), diplomat vvg(34), motorcycle vvg(30).

SWEDEN - 1950's plastic embossed passenger vg(32), 1984 series plastic passengers: 2005vvg(25),  undated small size front plate vvg(28).

SWITZERLAND - one line temporary plates without shields  Ticino 71Zvg(18), Zurich  97vvg(18), 2000gvg(15),  2004vvg(18), one-line rear temporary plates with Swiss and canton shields (Z indicates duty has not been paid): Ticino 71Z gvg(35), Vaud 76Zvg(38),  two-line rear temporary plate with Swiss and canton shields:  Zurich 94vg(35), 2001vvg(38), 2004vvg(38).

URUGUAY - (passenger car plates unless otherwise indicated) Montevideo -  1992 series passenger vg(24),   Lavalleja  - 1993 series vg(32), gvg(28).  N.  Palmira  - 1950's white on black (passenger) g(32),  1950's  white on red (commercial?) g(32).  San Jose - early 1990's passenger  f(15),  1993 series vg(32), gvg(28).  Soriano -  1960's  white on black passenger vvg/m(35),  1960's white on green truck vvg/m(35).

VENEZUELA - recent expresso (bus) m(16), recent school bus m(16), recent tour bus m(16), recent por puesto (Small bus) m(16), recent publico (public Bus) m(16),  recent MTC motorcycle m(18).

WALES -  1963-83 series one line metal passenger with raised metal letters vg(15), gvg(12), 1963-83 series one line flat metal  passenger with raised plastic letters vvg(14), 1963-83 series  one line flat plastic passenger vvg(10),  vg(8), 1983 series  one line flat plastic passenger vvg(10).