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This site is provided by Whidbey Telecom for the benefit of the MacIntosh User Groups of Whidbey Island.

Mac SIG: meets on the second Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. of each month at the Oak Harbor Senior Center. The purpose is to provide a forum for the those in the Whidbey Island Mac User's Group community. The appropriate subject matter for this forum is intended to be questions/answers, observations, and helpful hints pertaining to the many uses of the Mac computer and its peripherals.

MAGIC (Macintosh Appreciation Group of Island County): meets the third Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. of the month at the Unitarian Universal Congregation of Whidbey Island. Meetings normally include Questions and Answers (especially for beginners) and one or more presentation(s). Also provides schools and a useful website. Click here for the website.

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Apple SiteMap A table of Contents for the Apple website

Apple Support Communities Gateway to Discussion Forums, Support and Apple Software Updates.

Mac In Touch Another news site.

TidBITS is an online newsletter and Web site, devoted to the person behind the Macintosh.

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Apple App Store.

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