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. Note that the titles of many of the sites are self-explanatory, especially the Apple sites. Additional comments are provided where appropriate. Some links are deliberately repeated in different catagories.

Whidbey Island Apple Users groups
Mac SIG Whidbey Island User Groups
MAGIC Macintosh Appreciation Group of Island County
Apple Sites
Macintosh Products Guide
Macintosh Products Guide - Software
Apple Support Home page for Apple Support for all Apple products
Apple - Support - Search Allows search of various Apple support sites
Apple - Support - Specifications
Apple - User Groups
Developer Documentation: Mac OS-X, iOS
Discussions - Apple Support Community Post your questions here.
Mac Basic Get basic information on how to use your Mac.
Manuals Need a manual? Here's Apple's site to download a .PDF or iBooks manual for most everything they ever made.
Apple Discussions - Forum Our discussion forums are filled with thousands of Macintosh and iPod users from around the world. Search for an answer, post your question, or answer other users' questions in the Apple Discussions community
MacRumors Forum Overes all Apple products
Major sites
Everymac is the complete guide to all Apple hardware in the world, with technical, configuration, and pricing details.
Lowendmac Specializes in intelligent discussions and uses for older Macs. Has specs, articles, groups, deals on used Macs, news and software
Mac OS-X hints OS-X hints and tricks. Searchable archive
MacScripter Applescript and Scripting Resources
Macworld On-line version of print magazine: Apple, Mac, and iPod News, Reviews, Help, and Discussion
Xlr8yourmac Contains articles and reviews of Mac acceleration products and techniques. Newsletters.
Smalldog Electronics Free weekly newsletter from Mac Reseller Smalldog Electronics. Contains tips, how-to articles and sales on Mac Gear.
Tidbits - subscribe A free weekly technology newsletter providing timely news, insightful analysis, and in-depth reviews to the Macintosh and Internet communities.
Searchers/Review Finders
Macworld: Reviews MacWorld reviews of software and hardware available for Apple products.
Software Downloads
Apple - App Store